Will President Biden initiate the 1st Step to Show Iran that He is ‘NOT TRUMP’ and Give Iran a significant number of Covid-19 Vaccines?

In 1988, Raisi was appointed to a four-man “death committee” by then-Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini, which paved the way for at least 4,500-5,000 prisoners to be executed and buried in unmarked mass and individual graves, based on the committee’s determination of their “loyalty” to the newly established Islamic Republic.

Be Careful What you Wish For!

And in Iraq, American Forces have not “Attacked in Return” for Hostile Rocket Attacks by Iranian Backed Militias. Why? By not returning Fire, America is attempting to show Iran that America Wants a New Start. To begin a New Walk with them. But let there be NO MISTAKE, Iran is putting one of the Coldest, Cold-Blooded Killers in Office.



…Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stage-managed the (ELECTION) process by limiting the contest to candidates committed to the theocratic ideals of the Islamic Republic and personally loyal to him. Like Henry Ford, he has given voters the choice of any color — so long as it is black.

Iran’s election is all about supreme leader Khamenei’s toxic legacy. And this latest Pick is a Guarantee that America hasn’t gained a single glimmer of Hope when it comes to any change in Iran.

What to expect? Don’t Go to Iran unless you think being Executed is a Good Thing. Ultra-Extreme Muslim Teachings are a stranglehold on a Population and How the Taliban gained a Militia-Style stronghold of Terrorist Reign in Afghanistan is the director Ultra-Right minded Terrorists taking over.

Forget Trade and a Nuclear Deal on Their Enrichment Program. Not gonna Happen. If anyone wants to talk to Iran. Send the POPE. Only a man of God will be listened to. Not anyone from the West.

It’s like we just went backwards to 1979.

Iran says U.S. Sanctions are making it difficult for Iran to purchase medicine from abroad, including COVID-19 vaccines needed to contain the worst outbreak in the Middle East.


IRAN blamed America for All Covid-19 Deaths. They are saying our Sanctions has disrupted their ability to get medicines.

So, will President Biden initiate the 1st Step to Show Iran that He is NOT TRUMP and Give Iran a significant number of COVID-19 Vaccines?

This one Act will make a Direct Statement to the Iranian Citizens. They must be shown the Door of Peace does Exist between America and Iran.

But they must be shown that First Baby Step. What will President Biden Do?

Only a gift of Human Kindness can be the spark that sets a New Path for both of Our Nations.