Staying Home, Not Working will Drive Unemployment up to $15 Dollars an Hour!

Employers desperate for Workers are Finally doing what CONGRESS has Refused to do-Raise Unemployment Up to a Fair Wage of $ 15 Dollars an Hour! Hooray!

Can you Dig it? 1979 Comes Back to Haunt America!

When I was young, I remember how many doors and JOBS were not within my reach. Doors Closed equated to negative feelings towards those proprietors. And they didn’t care about you, me. Or us. They wanted to Pay those Crap Wages. Cheap Wages!

And at one New House. Our Mowing Business got a Call to come do a yard. It was Horrible. High. Lots of Weeds and three if us worked all day long and even did all of her Flower Beds. And after 10 hours of work. The Owner paid us $8 Dollars. EIGHT DOLLARS! Now, divide that by three and How much did we get? We were pissed.

And at another House, we did the same thing and got $1.25. Our yards then paid us $10-35 Dollars. And $70 for a three acre Church.

Historically, State Minimum Wage Rate for Texas reached a record high of $7.25 in January of 2010 and a record low of $1.40 in January of 1973.

So, 3 × $1.40 × 10 = $42. So, we got cheated out of $34 Dollars. And paid only $8.

But stuff like that you don’t forget. And it killed us when a large family with lots of kids thought and taught their kids that THEIR KIDS didn’t do Yard Work. Social Cast System.

But before I finally Retired, I worked at the Texas Prisons and HEY, I’m White and the Minority. Black Officers and drank Ruled the Units. And that’s fine with me. People ought not ever teach their Children A Social Cast System and instead, to work where the Work is. If I had Jobs that I loved, I’d still be working. But work, even where you don’t like the Job. Is better than No Job.. Do a good job and Retire.

But I hope that Employees and Employers finally move forward with a good beginning Pay Wage. And $15 an Hour is a good start. Americans must back a good pay wage. People should not have to work two full-time Jobs at less than $10 an Hour.

But people cannot be forced to do what they refuse to do. Hate comes next if you do.