When you Hear “Allahu akhbar” being SHOUTED, someone is Dying and that might be YOU Dying!


“Allahu akhbar” or “God is Great” is what Jihadists YELL or SHOUT as they KILL FOLKS.

And if you hear them screaming this, you must be Dying. It what extremists do. But what really perked my interest is the BULLSHIT EXCUSE for Not Finding thus Jihadist Guilty of MURDER-

…not criminally responsible for the killing because he committed it in the course of a psychotic episode triggered by his use of cannabis. Talk about BULLSHIT!

THE KILLER even said-he had “killed the shaitan,” meaning the devil.

This was plain and simple Muslim vs Christianity. And he got away with it.

Cannabis doesn’t cause Psychotic Episodes! Pure Bullshit! Such a loss.