Does Billionaires Paying less than $35 in Federal Taxes seem Legal to you?

And the justifying statement was this-

“There are some very wealthy Americans. But it’s important to remember we don’t tax wealth.”

But We Should! They’re the ones who can afford to be Taxed! And if they won’t Pay, take their Wealth Away.

So, don’t you think that it’s time for 🇺🇸 to Defund Billionaires? We’ve paid way too much attention on Getting Massive Wealth. The kind that is ridiculous to have. But Laws are made to Benefit or Protect Billionaires…I’m not talking Millionaires.

How much of the Above do you Own? Most AMERICANS do not have three months of Savings. And the Ultra-Rich getting away with next to No Taxes is unacceptable to most Americans.