And when that TV Host says they “get you”. Do they really?

The Top Five made together $427 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019, making Hosting on TV one of the most lucrative careers in entertainment.

I’m sorry, but someone making over $100 Million Dollars a year doesn’t get me. We don’t shop or eat at the same stores or places. And they “Get Me”, they “Get You”. I don’t think so much.

No they are just good at acting with sorrowful acting. Appearances are good to view, but it’s all entertainment. That’s all it is…

So, why you gonna write a Millionaire? Some fool not making minimum Wage might write you back. But that Millionaire won’t.

So. Don’t waste your time and write them. You DON’T pay their Salaries. Unless you do, they could care less.