Another GET RICH GAME is going on in Amazon? And they are doing it every day. Have they got you yet?

This Box of full size Candy Bars is $13.94 at Wal-Mart.

And I usually Buy it in Amazon. But I’m finding an Alarming Trend taking Place. It’s a TREND that is used heavily on Amazon at Christmas Time. I found it this past Xmas. Buyers. Let’s call them SCALPERS! Just like the Way SCALPERS buy and resale NFL Tickets at a Huge Profit.

And now, not only are The Good Toys being BOUGHT UP and then Resold for a Huge Profit is quite Frightening at Xmas Time. And anyone can do it. I watched a Set of Nerf Guns I bought for my grandkids. And I bought the Good Ones. And as the days grew closer to Xmas, the same set of Nerf Guns had jumped in Price to over $700! And were suddenly available only from Private Sellers. A $650.00 increase.

But now, I’m watching the above Box of Candy being Scalped on AMAZON. The same $13.94. at Wal-Mart has suddenly risen to $37.99 on Amazon! WTH?


That’s right! Almost $40 Dollars on Amazon! SCALPERS!!! They are STICKING IT TO 🇺🇸! THIS IS EVIL GREED! A 272% increase in Price! Price Gouging!