In Eight Years, we might be able to kiss our Butts Goodbye!

Too much oddity of things keeps going on. Keeps taking place. NASA is sending Probes to different Meteorites and bringing the samples back. WHY? The better to know How to Destroy them if that Giant one shows up here in our own backyard. Now, In the next Article, there’s this one Meteorite that keeps showing up in one Article after another. For years now. The distance this one will pass is being reported at varying distances as far away and then as very close. But which distance is CORRECT? And just one little thing could change it as this one travels through Space from Missing Earth to striking Earth. Magnetic Waves that do exist in Outer Space could give it just enough of a nudge. And then

3D rendering of a swarm of Meteorites or asteroides entering the Earth atmosphere.

BAM! Your BBQ just got screwed cause you are the BBQ.

And are you Ready if it does? And some mind deficient fools or people will even be dancing naked in the streets. But, are you Ready for the Earth to be hit? Could be small and could be a ball breaker. But have you ever really thought about it?

But eight years isn’t much time to think and to Plan and to Prepare. It’ll be here in no time. But I’m not completely certain that we are being told the Truth. The NASA explorations do pose a moment to think more of Why are they really doing them? Exactly what do they know?

And the World Meteorite Intercept Program turned out to be a Huge failure if we have no prior Warning. And what happens when you have time to checkout what the Meteorite is made of and we still cannot destroy it like a Solid piece of Iron? Or an even harder metal?

But I do not believe Man has the WEAPON to divert a big Meteorite. We can think man does. But I don’t think we do have it. And we’ll be Hit! In Eight Years! In only Eight Years?

Dang, that’s not very long to think about. And sure, the easiest way to prepare is by not preparing at all and just dripping your pants. Bend over and point your Ass towards the Meteorite and let yourself get struck dead in that ASS. Lol.

meteorite from outer space, falling toward planet Earth, dramatic science fiction scene

And you could go CRAZY WILD and become a DOOMSDAY PREPPER and put an entire Supermarket of Supplies underground. And build a Huge Bunker or buy one. But whatever you do, you still won’t be prepared to the Point of Surviving depending on exactly what gets struck here on our planet. If it hits one of the Major Fault lines, it could be Bye Bye for all of Us. All of us. It could IMMEDIATELY SHUTDOWN the Earth rotating and then the Atmosphere would be Waving Goodbye! Y’all come back anytime!.

And then when the Gravity stopped. We’ll all just float away. Man, what a crazy sight that will be…


  1. We’ve been lied to? Just play pretend if nothing else. But hey. Would they really tell us if they knew it was gonna Happen?
  2. They cannot destroy it?
  3. It’s gonna HIT EARTH.
  4. What ya gonna do? Run you fool RUN! But to where? A vacant Slot on a manned Moon Colony? Or Volunteer for the MARS DEATH MISSION? To Mars and certain Death?

But what would Happen?

And the Earth stops Spinning-

Holy Guacamole! Bye Bye Time!

But instead of worrying. drink some more Beer and cook that BBQ! Then watch TV. A GOOD MOVIE. Lol