Time to Send in U.S. MARINES and Destroy MEXICAN CARTELS and Finally End their Deadly Acts of Terrorism Against America! Begin OPERATION RENEWED TRUST

America has sent AMERICAN TROOPS into Mexico before. And since Mexico refuses to End the Day of the Deadly Mexican Cartels, America must Sent in the U.S. MARINES and Destroy this Deadly Adversary. They must be eliminated once and for all. With or Without the Help of Mexico’s Government. We must plow through Our ENEMIES.

Smuggling Non-Americans into America is an Act OF Terrorism! Racketeering and undermining America’s Trust in The Mexican Government!

Building A WALL is a Bandaid Fix. You got to cut the Head off the Cobra! Off these Rattlesnake Cartel Leaders. Only a fool sits behind a WALL saying-Please, do not come over-like you were Scared Rabbits.


Drugs, Weapons, Human Trafficking, Bomb Smuggling. Murders For Hire, and Acts of International Terrorism must be STOPPED in their Tracks. The Mexican Government and the State of Texas have waited for someone else to do this Dirty Work and its way past time to End their Reign of TERROR being carried out by these Dangerous Cartels. They MUST be Stopped. Mexico and Texas is letting Drugs and Cartel Terrorist Acts to slip into America like the Fat slipping thru a Woman’s Girdle. It has to END.

These Murderous Evil Doers are a threat to all of America. Dangerous 100% PURE FENTANYL is being smuggled here KILLING AMERICANS. Over 19,000 more Deaths than the previous Year. And they are aiding Middle Eastern TERRORISTS to enter America. How can we allow them to continue planning their Deadly Attacks on American Soil? These Cartels must be STOPPED.

MEXICAN CARTELS MUST BE TREATED AS ISIS and Drone Attacks must begin immediately. Let the Planning begin. We must end their Days just like Prohibition Days here. And Aerial Attacks must begin immediately to Put a Stop to Cartels now. Root them out…

We must NOT be afraid to do what is Our Right and GO After all Enemies. And Mexican Cartels are Our Enemies! Not our Friends in any way. And. They are America’s Greatest Threat. Smuggling Men, women and children here from South America. c

We must Drone Attack the Heads of the Snakes of each Cartel and keep doing so until they vanish. And we must have the Help of Mexico’s Government or Go it alone.

Guerrilla Troops are being smuggled in right now from Iran by Mexican Cartels. And these Iranian Fighters are planning to hit 🇺🇸 hard. Maybe our Electric Grid. They are coming in for PAYBACK for killing their Top Terrorists Leaders. Remember the Drone Attacks? But we must speak out and Demand an END!

SEND IN U.S. MARINES! Destroy the Cartels once and for all. End their Reign of Terror and Stranglehold on Texas and Mexico. Mexico must give the Green Light to “Operation Renewed Trust” and let the Drone Attacks begin. We must Hellfire Missile them off the face of the Earth. They represent the Greatest Threat to Mexico, Texas, And America.

And the sooner Americans gets behind such a plan, we will be the Suckers with Egg on Our Faces. THE WALL is not the answer and it never worked. Mexican Cartels only understand Strength and not pussy footing around.

We got to root out the Cause before we are Hit hard by Iranian infiltrators. We Must!