ZANE GREY: THE LIGHT OF THE WESTERN STARS! A great Old West Hollywood Western

Talk about one exceptionally good Old West Western. This one is it! It’s got great gunslinging and it brings up a very interesting point in Mexico’s History-REBELLION. Or Americans going there to fight. It’s also a red hot one of those very interesting stories of boy comes West and overbearing Sister disapproves. But the Family is rich too which presents an amusing Problem. But that’s not the true nature of this Movie and it is a great Problem all on its own. The final Shootout is important to HEAR as much as you watch. What the Mexican Man says is what Life here in America is like Today. Those that treat all Mexicans from Mexico as GREEZERS. And regularly are negative towards them. THE WALL will not PROTECT YOU! But don’t let that stop you from watching one Great Zane Grey Movie! Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy! And there’s a young Alan Ladd in it too. But can you spot him?

Majesty Hammond (Jo Ann Sayers) has just met rancher Gene Stewart (Victor Jory), but they’re already headed to the altar. Though preoccupied by her own relationship, Majesty also wants to break up a romance between her brother, Al (Russell Hayden), and reputed floozy Flo (Ruth Rogers). As things get increasingly complicated at home, Gene goes to Mexico to fight in the Revolution. But, when love summons him back home, he and Majesty will be involved in a battle against local corruption.