Today. I’ve been reading the Historical Beginnings behind the meaning of some Words-‘INDIAN GIVER’-U ever used these Two?

INDIAN GIVER–we’ve all heard the word. And I used it today in a sentence and it popped out of my mouth before I could grab it back. My use of the word came from childhood taunting by others on me or that I saw used or used towards others as Kids learned New Words and then unleashed them upon some unsuspecting victim-another Kid.

But why Use it Today? An American Indian might be offended by its use. So, I looked several places for the History behind the two words and the Above is pretty well the best one i found.

So, before we use any words that might be unfamiliar today. Be careful because some seemingly innocent words learned from our past may have Racist Beginnings. And the Person you Offend might be someone you love.

And what made me think was the FACT that my grandfather was 1/2 American Indian and he HATED being called Half Breed. But the older we get, there are two ways to view things that I see.

  1. Don’t Care.
  2. Stop and Think.

Which are you?