In America, How you VOTE may one day determine whether you Live or Die or go to a Workcamp.

President Barack Obama, the former president warned Americans “to recognize that the path towards an undemocratic America is not gonna happen in just one Bang!” but will instead come “in a series of steps”, as seen under authoritarian leaders in Hungary and Poland.

And then they will only do for those who give them money.

As a bipartisan effort, the report does not delve into the root causes of the attack, including Trump’s role as he called for his supporters to “fight like hell” to overturn his election defeat that day.

FIGHT LIKE HELL. Three words that were the Green Light? The “Go Command” The “ATTACK” Command?

Folks we can no longer indulge in ignorant bliss. If these Lies are continued and allowed to continue to percolate, you can expect one day for A COMMUNIST OVERTHROW of our Government and replace it with a Dictatorship?

RUSSIA is a Trump Supporter.