There are 37 states that offer reciprocity to Texas gun owners, meaning Texans’ gun licenses To carry (LTC) will be accepted and permitted for carry across state lines.

I have a License to Carry (LTC) in Texas. I do see, I fully understand the benefits of obtaining this License. And I know I’m in the hands of a pretty darn good Texan when he or she tells Me that they have a License to Carry. That LTC tells me that person has proven themselves proficient with a Handgun by actual Range Firing Demonstration. It’s not a GIVE YOU a License. You have to apply yourself in a professional and SAFE manner to get it. You have to take to the Books and Learn about the Gun Laws. And you are Tested. And yes. Your fingerprints are Checked to make sure you are a pretty gosh darn good Texan and not a thug. This isn’t a Hug a Thug sort of thing. It is a Professional sort of thing. And the LTC is accepted in other States.

But then comes the Soon to be released New BUBBA GUN BILL which is the 2nd Admin. Carry Bill and we all know how Bubba interprets things. Most Bubbas are Lazy. And Lazy Bubba is gonna carry his Permit-less Handgun everywhere and act plum dumb when he or she gets stopped. Bubba don’t know the Law and he isn’t gonna try to Learn none of it either. But by Golly, he’s gonna show you his gun at the drop of a Hat. He don’t care about no Security Cameras picking him up showing his gun to someone in Wal-Mart. Here, wanna take a look? It’s brand new and cost me a full month of pay to get it.

And when asked who gave him the right to pull out his gun and start showing people at Sam’s Club, Bubba will say-Governor Abbott said I could cause he signed the Bill.

Now it’s gonna have all sorts of Texas Tales of How Bubbas had to pull out their handgun every day to save damsels in distress. Lol.

You think this is bad? Wait until New Years Eve! And go outside and see what happens near Midnight. Its gonna be BUBBAS SHOOTING UP IN THE AIR all across Texas. Wait and see…lol