My thoughts on New Permit-less Carry Law in Texas.

Hello, I was trained as a DPS CONCEALED HANDGUN INSTRUCTOR in the 6th Class. And it’s been a minute since then. And Now, Texas is going Permit-less Carry with Handguns. Okay. Come Sept. 1, what’s the New Handgun Landscape gonna Look Like? Hmm…interesting to guess to say the least. But here’s my Biggest Ponderings. We cannot replace Demonstrating Handgun Proficiency under mild Stress with No Gun Range time at all. Simply cannot be done. This isn’t a Video Game. Gun Laws? You cannot Learn Gun Laws for good ole Bubba. And you Trust Texans to learn them on their own? Boy, that’s an assumption I don’t even like pondering. But, Texas has Reciprocity Agreements with Other States for Carrying a Handgun in another State that still demand a License to Carry of a Handgun Owner. So, you’ll have to watch out on that. But sure, everyone knows that there will be those that will and those who won’t Act Proper while carrying a Handgun-regardless of any training. And you’ll want to include Learning some form of Handgun Safety Knowledge. But, The most important Reason most Texans want to Carry a Handgun is that they believe that they will have a better chance of not being a Victim of a Violent Crime with a Handgun with them than not having one. But I still believe getting a License to Carry is the Best Road to travel down-especially for the inexperienced Handgun Owners and everyone will learn more. Treat getting a License to Carry as a Treat and not a Chore. No, I’m not faulting the New Law. It is what it is and we are Texans.