Covid-19 vs COVID-19 Vaccine vs Race? Which is Your Greatest Fear?

Fact Check-No evidence mRNA COVID-19 vaccines affect Sperm

A video message by an osteopath known for her anti-vaccination campaigns and conspiracy theories says that mRNA-based COVID-19 shots may affect sperm and cause infertility. As of this fact-check’s publication, there is no evidence to back up these statements.

six men who died of COVID-19 and three who died of other causes. Three of the COVID-19 patients had testis damage that would impair their ability to produce sperm.

Pregnant people are more likely to get severely ill with COVID-19 compared with non-pregnant people. If you are pregnant, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy can protect you from severe illness from COVID-19. 

Additionally, mRNA vaccines, which is the Pfzier and Moderna Covid Vaccines, DO NOT interact with a person’s DNA or cause genetic changes because the mRNA does not enter the nucleus of the cell

Covid-19 vs COVID-19 Vaccine vs Race? Which is Your Greatest Fear?

This is a question that shouldn’t even be Asked. But it is. Rumors and False Information abounds. But the true bottom line is Covid is Damn Sure worse for you than the Vaccine. You not only risk DEATH, but you Risk severe Damage for your Organs if you are NOT VACCINATED.

Moderna and Pfzier are the Shots I’d get and I did get the Moderna Shot.

Can we trust information about the COVID-19 vaccine?

“People of color, along with immigrants and differently-abled men and women have endured centuries of having their trust violated. We need to give people the facts about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy, and renew their trust toward health care in general,” Golden says. “It’s incumbent on health care organizations and leaders to help repair and restore that relationship.”

Golden says one way health care organizations can rebuild confidence is by working strategically with local elected officials, community leaders and religious leaders to convey accurate and essential health messages, including information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

My best friends are Black. They say at the end of your Life if you can count your True Friends on one hand. You done good. Well, my best Friends are on my Hand as I count with one White Person too. Now, I’m talking Friends. Real Friends. Not family.

But I research stuff from a very serious approach. I DO NOT TRUST UNKNOWN SOURCES. And I know that if you are Black in AMERICA, you have a past Record of being Screwed Over. In Clinical Trials and just all forms and sorts of crappy INEQUALITIES. But can you trust all of the Above. I hope so. It wasn’t written from any

positIon but to help my loved ones and anyone of Race and actually all of us. See. I don’t see Color. I’m Color Blind when it comes to Race. And you should be too.

But now, I’m not Blind to Stupid People and none of us are. But. Like many Americans. I’m not surprised any longer when I learn of any new true stories of bad things taking place against a Black Person. They are taking Place today as I write all of this.

Covid-19 vs COVID-19 Vaccine vs Race? Which is Your Greatest Fear?

All of my friends have gotten the Covid Vaccines. Yes, they have. They got either Pfzier or Moderna. Denmark has already HALTED all Johnson and Johnson Covid Shots. So, in my case, I will NOT take their Covid Vaccine.

But should you get the Vaccine? Unless you have proven Evidence that you are taking a medication that prevents you from taking it, I’d get it. Too many are relying on Lies or second hand rumors that only add to your Anxiety of getting only Covid.

Chinese Covid Vaccines use Dead Virus. But they are not APPROVED here.

The early data we have on vaccination rates is incomplete, but one fact is particularly alarming: Black Americans are getting vaccinated at a much slower rate than their white counterparts. This is troubling given how hard the pandemic has hit Black Americans.

But it’s also concerning because people often misunderstand why the rate is lower. Many are quick to point to a distrust of the medical community, as Black people do have a long history of being ignored or actively mistreated by health care professionals in the U.S. — most notably, in the infamous 40-year-long Tuskegee study, which denied Black men treatment for syphilis so researchers could track the natural progression of the disease. But a recent Pew survey challenges the idea that Black Americans are hesitant to get vaccinated:

A majority of Black adults (61 percent) told Pew that they either planned to get a COVID-19 vaccine or have already gotten one, a sharp uptick from the 42 percent who said in November that they planned to get vaccinated.

Mindset is changing as Mistrust is finally being tossed out the window as the Real Covid Vaccine Results are now becoming Available from Reputable Medical Experts and Facilities. And it could not have come out at a better time. The Time is NOW to get the Shots. Don’t keep putting it off. Death and Lifetime Organ Failure or Issues may await you if you don’t get VACCINATED. You could go from a workaholics to bedridden for life if you Get Covid and are not Vaccinated.

But make no mistake, There is still Huge Problems surrounding Blacks Not Getting Equal Healthcare as Whites!!! And hell yeah this is Wrong. But it doesn’t get Fixed Unless WE VOICE OUR WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS and it must be Changed. An example?

Smyser points to a 2020 study that found Black babies are three times more likely to survive if they’re cared for by a Black physician than a white one.

I see injustice and I WRITE about it all the Time because I can and do have a World Audience. But I’m not trying to Become an Activist but EVERYONE can No Longer sit quietly when we know wrong is being done. Speak Up! Don’t let your Black Friends continue to get screwed over by White Ignorance.

So, you now know another example of a Huge Problem of Inequality. But back to the need I want to save your mind about-

So. Which one is bothering you the Most?

Covid-19 vs COVID-19 Vaccine vs Race? Which is Your Greatest Fear? Hop off the fence and get beyond your fears.

If I had to choose where to get my shot, I’d go to Krogers where you could WIN a free year of Groceries. That’s what they had on the TV last night.. But I won’t get but one of Two-Pfizer or Moderna.

Get the Vaccine and then treat yourself to a Sundae. Yum Yum.