Russia Government Backed Cyber-Attacking of America?

People think that their Cell Phones will tell them how To Think on every Subject by looking to see what their FAN BASE says or a Certain Well Known Person says. But what 🇺🇸 doesn’t HAVE is a Current Population with a real understanding of History. Their Past History. Or any cognitive guess about the future.

Suddenly, 🇺🇸 has New Base Support for damn near every World Country’s ideology and yet, they readily attack their Own here. And they do this because People are Lazy and Stupid. This is the biggest thing Politicians know that you don’t know. And it’s easy to sway a person when that person is still just that Stupid. But being L A Z Y makes for a way to easily make you think stuff when it is a Lie.

Lazy and Stupid. Two words that People are offended by, but hey, We Own Those Two. And Russia is engaged in

  1. Slapping you in the Face.
  2. Pissing down your Back.
  3. Throwing Shit in your Face.

And How? How is Russia doing that?

By Cyber-Attacking the HELL out of the 🇺🇸 Infrastructure. And you gonna Like it? You gonna Love it?

Russia is knowingly ATTACKING anything and EVERYTHING that is Important to you.

Russia wants America ON HER KNEES!

But Lazy and Stupid people will ignore it and just wait for the Future Dictator to come tell them what to Believe and what to LIKE. Or you might enjoy calling your bliss as You just Don’t Care. Don’t bother you with nothing. Let you alone?

But did you enjoy seeing or experiencing-

  1. Gasoline Pipeline SHUTDOWN.
  2. Meat Production SHUTDOWN.
  3. Or one of the hundreds of Cyber Attacks?

Exactly what Bone-Crushing Hack Attack is going to UPSET YOU?

  1. An Entire Electric Grid Shutdown. NATIONWIDE! And this will Kill Your Way of Life Completely!

This means No Running Water. No Electricity. No Air Conditioning. No TV. NO WIFI. NO INTERNET. No FAST FOOD. No Gasoline. No nothing. No CELL PHONE CONNECTIVITY. But you could then go outside and use Two Tin Cans with String strung between them or use Walkie-Talkies to talk on. But that was way before you? But Russia?

And Russia is Out to Crush You like never before.

But Why?




  1. a state of political hostility between countries characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare.
    • the state of political hostility that existed between the Soviet bloc countries and the US-led Western powers from 1945 to 1990. And 2017 to Today between Russia and China and 🇺🇸 and NATO.

But what is fueling Today’s Cold War?

GREED AND POWER! TERRITORY TAKEOVERS! Russia wants Ukraine back under Russia’s Control. And they are amassing An Army on the Border to fight Ukraine and NATO. And get ready. Are you ready for this?

Putin will NUKE AMERICAN SOIL. He won’t hesitate by using a Preemptive Nuclear Strike. And against NATO IN EUROPE too.

Most 🇺🇸’s’s don’t realize that these Cyber–Attacks are just testing the Waters for the Future. For the Future High Stakes Game of DOMINATION. But Stupid and Lazy people aren’t willing to think that far ahead as to Why something is happening. Desires make the strangest of Bed Partners. And China who isn’t a Lover of Russians would aid Russia to collapse America once and for all. Yes. There is a high-stakes game being Played out right now. And weakening NATO is one of the stupidest Things we can ever do.

But Stupid and Lazy people and Leave Me Alone aren’t willing to do the research to find out what did take place and what could take place. As long as the Fast Food Joints remain OPEN, AC keeps running, and their Cell Phones and Netflix runs, they don’t want to be bothered.

But burying your Head in the sand won’t fix nothing. Nothing is Cooling down in this now heated up Game of Cold War.

As each Generation goes along. Each selectively decides what to PASS on to the Next One. But in the Last 50 years, the COLD War has become two words that were dropped from everyone’s vocabulary. But make no mistake. There is a New Rage going on in this latest Game of Cold War.

And the Russian Hacking will NOT STOP. IT’S ONLY GONNA GET WORSE! But do you care? Really care? Or leave you alone too?

And for any American to Believe that these Russian Hackers are doing all of these Hacks against 🇺🇸 is being done without their Government’s Support is pure BULLSHIT. THEY KNOW AND THEY APPROVE AND THEY ARE HELPING. Their Brightest Military Hackers are involved. It’s all part of the Russian Military. It’s all about P U T I N !

Children. Kiddos! WAKE-UP! Russia is out to Crush America and Putin has been repeatedly trashing America with Threats. Real Threats. Even Nuclear Preemptive Strike!

And any Nuclear Volley would bring one after another. You know, I have wondered that if A planet of Humans ever lived on MARS and did they NUKE each other out of existence?

And the Level of Powerful Nuclear Weapons when it comes to Nukes is quite in the Realm of Dr. Frankenstein Or a MAD SCIENTIST. and beyond the understanding of the Average Brain. Destructive Power 100,000 more Powerful than what was used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and who built shit like that? R U S S I A did! Oh hell yes they did and the Biggest was pulled out of a Cargo Plane and detonated in Our Atmosphere. In the Air we breathed. And they proudly Beat their Chests with glee. See, this is what we can Do if you mess with us!

But if you remain in the mindset of Leave me alone, Let me be, Get Away. Guess what? You could Wakeup when or if they Call Your Number if they have to reinstate the U.S. DRAFT. You’ll shit when they do…but that’s when it’ll be past Worry Time. Way past it.