When you Think too Scientifically to see what’s right in front of your Nose?


NASA, common sense tells a person that the best way to find evidence of Life is to look where it’s most likely to have lived last.

And it’s not in pictures of Rocks. It’s not blasting the Rocks with Laser Blasts. Are you expecting to fight Martians?

But if you want to see possible living life still there. You need to LOOK UNDER THE ROCKS!

Does Perseverance Rover not have any means to Turn Rocks Over? We wanna see what’s under them. The last things alive on MARS would have been UNDER THE ROCKS. Not in large lakes. The wind has swept away any signs of Life. And getting sand-blasted too doesn’t help either. Which is a byproduct of wind and dust.

But Not Looking Under the Rocks! That’s the real Key that is not even being checked. COMMON SENSE would have you look under the Rocks. That is where We will see what we shall see. And we could be missing the Holy Grail of Life on Mars without looking there too.

My satisfaction with these Mars Rovers is disappointment. Just to go there and land a Rover is pretty awesome. And taking tons of pics of Rocks is nice. It’s okay. But it doesn’t feed my Brain with what I see as the best chance to see what was alive LAST on Mars. If there was anything ever alive there? But wouldn’t that Proof of Life exist under the Rocks? That’s where I want to look. That is what I want to see. And tons of People are now saying that they want to see under these Rocks too.

So, NASA, is your Rover that Smart?

Can your Scientists keypad punch us in some looks?

You know. Type in a series of Commands and tell Mr. or Mrs. Rover to Turn some Rocks over and Let’s find out what exists under them. Then take pics of their bottom-side?

This is where the worms, Lizards. And snakes would be. And Scorpions too? But tiny things too.

So what gives? Did someone there in your Highly Expensive Offices and Highly Expensive Pay Salaries not include Common Sense too? Opps!

Who decided that looking under the Rocks is unworthy and below your Dignity? Below your Scientific Mission?

Well, if you can’t look under these Mars Rocks, then why the Hell did you send a Rover there? Three Times now?

And Hey, I haven’t seen my 1st Pic of a MARTIAN Rock deliberately turned over and a close look done.

We want Under the Rocks Pics!. We want Pics. Super expensive Trips and WE CANNOT TURN OVER A ROCK? AND TAKE PICS after rocks get turned over?

Are you afraid of what you might find? It’s time to look.

But a Big Common Sense failure is below-


This was poorly thought out. Lacking Common Sense.