Will 🇺🇸 Lynch Politicians in the Future?

When I was recently asked what I thought, I was taken backwards by even being asked. Will 🇺🇸 Lynch Politicians in the Future?

WOW! What a mean sort of Question? And How does anyone even begin to answer such Madness? Are we closer to such a degrading example of Our Society? Could America go fully Lawless?

Seems like 2021 has taken on a whole new meaning of lots of things to lots of People. How?

  1. In San Francisco, People are walking in and taking. Without paying. Anything that they want from Stores. Walking right out the Door.
  2. In Texas, they attempted to PASS the most Restrictive Voting Laws in over 200 years. Have we gotten to that Point? We need Controlling like that when NOT ONE Fraudulent Vote was Cast here in 2020?. Too much Governmental Control is a foul taste in one’s mouth.
  3. Gun Violence has reached a New Level where it is ridiculous. PEOPLE are killing anyone that pisses them off. No, not people who still play by the Rules. Others are for sure.
  4. January 6 Opened that Door for Lynching Politicians. Do you think you could do that? I know damn well I couldn’t unless they tried A Hitler Style Take over of Our American Government. I’m not buying into a Coup Attempt. I don’t think Americans are either. And if they did it, I’m thinking all Politicians in America might have a noose put on them. What a horrible thought. I wouldn’t participate at all in none of that. But January 6 and the Reasons that Caused it will be hidden forever because the Senate didn’t want to know them. I still do and I think all rational thinking people do too. What is wrong in finding those Truths?
  5. 2021 will be the MOST VIOLENT on Record! MASS SHOOTINGS GALORE!

Don’t you want to know exactly what caused the Storming of the 🇺🇸 CAPITOL? It’s way past time to still say They had a right to do that. Police were Injured! Viciously Beaten! And you say that it’s okay with you by what took place? Suddenly, you say Breaking American Law is Okay with you?

Well, that okay has apparently been heard as all forms of Crimes have now EXPLODED! DEFUNDING THE POLICE is being accepted as DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO! ROB AND KILL AT WILL! And it’s happening all across 🇺🇸!

But are we just now seeing the New America where Lawlessness is finally gaining a real Foothold? And don’t ask Big Government to help you. They cannot Protect everyone. Be everywhere all the Time. When a Gunman puts you in their Gunsight, it’s only You and that Gunman. Too late to Call anyone. Government might have it recorded by one of the Billion Recording Devices set up all across 🇺🇸. Yes. A Billion. And if yours is online, they can access yours too.

But I am finding it very off the cuff with all of these New Voting Laws by GOP Controlled States. Chiming in on the BIG LIE. But people need to quit sucking on his fingernails. They are filthy. Like most of ours are. We need to move on. And we cannot if we are Forced to remain in the Past by Lying Individuals. Yes. These continuing Storytelling Lies must come to an end. They must end.

But there are people who refuse to let it go. They are sending their Monthly payment to the Big Liar. And he cannot do anything but use that money on his own Bad Loans coming due. And will he Thank you or laugh at you? I sent money once, but now get asked for more every month. Sometimes twice in The same week. But I WOKE-UP. I know too many people are not Lying as he says that they are. He always ATTACKS anyone opposing him and tells Lies about them. Only a frigging Spoiled Child does that.

So, I moved on and yet, we cannot get away from his muck. He’s like a bad dream that keeps reappearing. Never going away like he has made 🇺🇸’s Citizens his new playground. He needs to be quiet like all Lame Duck Presidents.

But damn they keep running down to have pictures taken of themselves with his Golden Statue of Himself like he is up there on the same level as Jesus. He’s not. He needs to Quit It! Move on. Quit playing with 🇺🇸!!!

We are not Children and We are Not Stupid. We still wants Answers for January 6!

I pray there will be no lynchings but if there are, It will be bad for who the most? How does the thoughtful a noose around your neck feel? Seems bad to me. Very bad.

My own Uncle told me of his watching a real Lynching Take place as a small boy of a man who stole a Horse from a local Rancher. Over a hundred years ago.