Time to DeFund Billionaires?

Time to DeFund Billionaires? Every Disappointment of Life can be correlated back to the wishes, wants, or whims of a Billionaire? But do you Care?


People are Saying. People are Looking. People are Pondering. People are now becoming AWOKE to the Vast Amount of All that the Billionaires OWN. And they are saying that amountt of Wealth is Unfair to the rest of 🇺🇸.

And People are saying politicians AWOKE them. But if you think about it, why is all of America’s Focus on Grabbing as Much Wealth as possible before you die? But has wealth finally reached a Point where People are finally Upset with the disparity of having the Tremendous Gap between Poor and Rich to be like the distance between the Moon and Mars. And the Pandemic has finally created a focal point on this unbelievable Gap between Rich and Poor.

So. Can it be Changed? Sure it can. By enacting a True Equality Bill of Wealth Distribution. And what would be done?

  1. Eliminate all Billionaires Wealth. Liquidate all of their wealth except $10 Million Dollars.
  2. Liquidate all of the rest and Distribute that Wealth equally to all Americans. That’s about $250,000 per American. A Family of Four would get a cool Million Dollars.
  3. Eliminate all Private Schools and Colleges set up just for the Rich.
  4. LIMIT MAXIMUM PAY with Benefits to everyone at One Million Dollars per Year.
  5. All Monies earned above a person’s Owning Ten Million Dollars to go back into a Wealth Distribution Fund.
  6. Teach that WEALTH ALONE is no longer a Must Have Reason why a person Works.
  7. Eliminate owning of Extremely Expensive Homes. Expensive Planes and Boats or Yachts would be eliminated as well.

Now why are the Rich suddenly coming under the Microscope? The Pandemic opened the Minds of millions of Americans. They are now aware of all the Things Rich People have done. And this is it-

  1. Rich People own their Politicians.
  2. Rich People dictate all that 🇺🇸 does. Hiw high America Jumps when they say to.
  3. Rich People are now largely ABOVE THE LAW. Yes. They can pay their way out of Court on Rapes and Murders like they never done anything wrong.
  4. Rich People dictate which Neighborhoods get Money and Which ones do not. This is the primary reason that there are such an atrocity in America where there are Horribly Poor Neighborhoods.
  5. Rich People buy Politicians and Control them.
  6. Rich People Control every single piece of Legislation passed in 🇺🇸.
  7. Giving the Rich all of their Benefits has crushed the American Dream. Those Benefits must be put to redistribution of that Wealth.

The elimination of All Billionaires and spreading their wealth to all of 🇺🇸 is the only fair thing to do. Pro Players and Movie Stars getting over One Million Dollars per year is Unacceptable. Their present gained wealth is being misused and abused and they are Controlling Media that, at times, do not reflect American Views.

All Billionaires must be assigned to Re-Education Camps to teach them how to be a regular person again and teach them that they are not Royalty or have anything that gives them a leg up over their fellow Americans.

SOCIALISM? No, this has needed to take place for way too long. It’s horrific that ONLY 1% OWNS ALL OF 🇺🇸! That amount of Billionaire Ownership is causing the works to gum–up. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. But taking all of good things is Over With. Time to get everyone back to a fair Playing Field.

Teach That a Billionaire is a Bad Word. Being a Millionaire is Okay. The Rich Respect Nothing and the Re-Educatiin Camps will teach them to Respect their Fellow American.

I don’t agree with the Above Or any of this, but it’s What People are Saying. What they are talking about. And when you realize How Billionaires live and look down on the rest of Americans, might be time to eliminate their Massive Wealths? Should their Wealth be taken from them? Boy, that’s a good question. But how’d you do that? What’s the Plan of these Wealth Reversers?


When did “billionaire” become a dirty word?

Maybe it was when former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz dismissed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for higher taxes on fortunes of $50 million or higher as “ridiculous.”

The Jury has just now began deliberating on whether Billionaires should exist or that their Wealth redistributed? But do you care?

Our 🇺🇸 Society has placed too high a premium on Getting as much Money as possible.