Reparations from Billionaires Today? For all Americans!

Replacing staff ‘impossible’

The minimum wage in Jersey is currently £8.32 an hour for the over-18s.

Christian Sufer, who runs The Boat House in St Aubin and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, said he had never experienced anything like the current shortage.

He explained businesses in Jersey are struggling to keep qualified staff and are worried about whether they can stay open.

In Europe, that’s about $11.80 per hour.

But the WORKER SHORTAGE is not just hitting Europe. It is crushing America’s Recovery. But People are NOT ready to come out to work either. And they DON’T TRUST POLITICIANS of any Color. It’s not that they are getting $1200 a month to stay home. They don’t TRUST EMPLOYERS EITHER. And they know that understaffed places will try to WORK THE SHIT out of a person. Working long hours and asked to work more while pretending with your Mr. Nice and MS. Nice persona that they put on their faces and using abnormal niceness manners of such niceness while waiting on SLOBS. RUDE SLOBS! People who Tip poorly or don’t Tip at all.

No, people are not racing to get back into the grind of Servitude to foolhardy experiences. And no. Not everyone is a slob. But this Pandemic has caused a sudden rudeness in folks that they think that YOU must accept their bad behavior as the New Normal. Who wants to accept another person’s bad behavior when you are serving them food or drinks or both? Is It worth it?

Workers are staying Home because they are not ready to work with fools. To love Fools. Who loves fools? But Europe is now caught in the same Boat as America trying to get workers to the JOBS. But other employers ya re stealing Your Employees by offering them more Money. That’s sort of creepy knowing someone coming into your establishment and look over all of your Staff and then pick who they want to lure away from you. By offering them better pay. The Slobs and Fools will be everywhere. But a Buck or Two more per hour will make lots of workers walk to another JOB.

And the Employers who actually did nothing to keep employees during the Pandemic won’t be forgotten either. Who wants to work for them. But it’s not a guessing Game as to why people aren’t racing out to work. BENEFITS aren’t there now just like they weren’t during the Pandemic. And People felt the mud in their eyes working for Billionaires who didn’t feel a thing during the Pandemic. They still were blowing and going on the Stock Market. And they made a Killing. And people at home watched one Media Report after another of Billionaires making more Billions. While workers were at home struggling.

Everyone did a lot of soul searching during this Pandemic. And they are wrestling with many demons now. But they don’t won’t to rush to a Job that has no longevity. Offers no Benefits. Has no Retirement. And those Jobs that are Contract Only. Where are the Benefits? You’ve been Quarantined and you were forced to make do with less. It’s the new way. But a whole lot of Real Thinking was done by everyone. And no one wants a bummer JOB.

But here in America, workers have been watching the MEDIA and all the stuff that came about. Things like the New Unabridged Politicians always filling the Newscasts. But in Talk Shows and Interviews and Which one said the most Outlandish Bullshit possible. And none has forgotten January 6. Or the Riots. Or watching GEORGE FLOYD being MURDERED. The Protests taking down Civil War Statues. The Protests of Racial Inequalities. And it seemed to never end. Police were jerked, mutilated, Killed, and Defunded. And many are still asking WHY? And their saying-Good neighborhoods not needing Police and Bad Ones not deserving them.

But make no mistake. Most people will one day need a Police Officer, a Fireman, an Ambulance, a Nurse, a Doctor, and Teachers. But many are now saying the one thing We don’t need are Politicians any longer. And many are saying-we need Reparations from Billionaires. All of America does. It’s time to take back their took much monies. Put $250,000 is everyone s pocket. And Limit Wealth to be limited to 10 Million Dollars only and all SPORTING CONTRACTS cannot exceed One million dollars. And all Movie Star Contracts cannot exceed One million Dollars. Billionaires would be eliminated. Such wealth they say is a Country’s Worst Corruption Network.

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Yes, when it comes to Workers not coming out to work or searching for it. The Pond is not Calm. People, especially workers or would be workers are Not Happy. They have seen bad employers and they all have had time to talk and text and email each other all about everything.

But it’s going to take a minute before everyone feels the Joy again. The Indy 500 was a great moment of seeing normalcy again. But it’s gonna take more of these events of massive amounts of people together before everyone feels good again. But it’s coming. Slow, but coming.