“…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…FDR’s Inauguration Speech.

…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…FDR’s Inauguration Speech.


On March 4, 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is inaugurated as the 32nd president of the United States. In his famous inaugural address, delivered outside the east wing of the U.S. Capitol, Roosevelt outlined his “New Deal”—an expansion of the federal government as an instrument of employment opportunity and welfare—and told Americans that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Although it was a rainy day in Washington, and gusts of rain blew over Roosevelt as he spoke, he delivered a speech that radiated optimism and competence, and a broad majority of Americans united behind their new president and his radical economic proposals to lead the nation out of the Great Depression.

1933. Do you remember that Year? 2021-1933=88. So, Today, you’d need to be about 98 or 100 years Old to remember How Bad it was. You’d seen Adults looking for any work. Food and no money to buy it. Soup Lines. BANKS MOSTLY existing with shuddered Doors. CLOSED! A really, really, really, Bad Time in America. Bad Time for America. Americans were Fearful. And it took a Great Man to standup and tell the American People that “…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…” FDR’s Inauguration Speech. And the reason I am talking about FDR today is that in many ways, 2021 is eerily similar to 1933. And the Banks began Closing in 2020. Really? Our Great Depression is RIGHT NOW! TODAY! And began when all the Businesses were Shuttered due to Covid-19 in 2020. The Pandemic. And correlating it with the Great Depression, 2021 is 1933. And Lack of Money causes many a worrisome thought. They Fear not being able to Put Food on the Table for their FAMILY.

Right now, Governors across the Country are shutting down the $300 Stimulus Unemployment Money going to Families who have members Not Working. And do they know What’s BEST? Really BEST? Not hardly. Once, it took me TWO FULL YEARS of searching for a JOB. TWO GODDAMN YEARS! So, if that period in my Life was Today and I just lost $300 a week or $1200 a month, I’d be crushed. I’d be so Depressed more than how Hopeless I felt for My Own Ability to Find a Job. It wasn’t just Hopelessness I felt, I was very Depressed. And at night, I lay in Bed awake. AWAKE worrying how long we were going to be able to go before I could not feed my own family. Worrying about when the Savings would be empty.

And I sat up thinking about How Long Our Savings were going to Last. ASpeech.ive never gotten used to this and it’s easy to say this or that,but seeing it is believing it. Money was liquidated and I never was able to get back to where I was financially. And I found a JOB. Not the one I wanted. But the only one willing to Hire me. Who? TDCJ. A Texas Prison Guard Job that I had to still STEAL monies from my Savings just to make ends meet for Two Whole Years after going to work for TDCJ. But it was a Job I hated. Locking People up like animals bothered me and still does. i People have No Clue how many broken Prisoners I saw-completely broken down by the Prison System. Prison is a real Ball Breaker and I saw not only Prisoners losing their Nutts, Correctional Officers did too also at times. The Average Joe has No Clue how horrific Prison Time is to a human being. It is crippling to a good many.

And there were Days I felt Fear. Real Fear and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck rising up as I entered thru the 1st Gate. Yes. A real fear.

And I can equate that Fear eerily similar to Not Being able to Find a JOB. Yes very close to it. And that is where Millions of Americans are right now. Living in Fear! And it cannot be Overlooked. I fear is real and it is a living, Breathing thing. A brutal thing. A heart killer.

And they say over and over and OVER again that the Republican GOP Senators did not VOTE for a January 6 COMMISSION because THEY FEAR TRUMP!

Do you think that is why they Voted Not to Vote for a January 6 Commission? Fear of the Ex-President? Forget his name. He is not the President, but the way things are being changed for the Upcoming Elections might be something truly to be Fearful of. The New Laws are addressing ways to GO OVER or THRU the Secretary of State if the Legislators are not pleased with How the Voters Voted in their State. And by leap-frogging the Secretary of State who Certifies their State’s Voter Choices, they are setting it up for the Vote to be changed by the State Legislators.

I don’t know about you, but I think that if the State Legislators changed the Outcome done by all the Voters of that State and give their State to a non-Winner, there could be such a Citizen Revolt that January 6 would look like a Baby’s Fart.

But I’m finding all of these New Laws puzzling and scary. But the Biggest thing I’m not understanding is why all the Media is saying that the GOP Senators Fear The Ex-President. I mean when in our Past History did a Past Ex-President way in on Controlling the GOP PARTY from a Golfing Resort in Florida where there is a Top Secret Clamp-down on The Secrecy of its Membership? Never, until now has an EX been so Controlling or is it really GOP FEAR? Like the Media is saying.

…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…FDR’s Inauguration Speech.

But have these Legislators been threatened? Do as I say or I’ll Kill your Re-Election?

Remember exactly How poorly he has Openly Spoken about People he has found Offensive in the Public Eye towards him? And then he lashes out at them. We all saw it a ton of times on his Social Media Feeds. And he called Mitch McConnell an SOB. Very disturbing and not the actions I would want my children to follow. But in the early Hours when he saw that he was going to Lose the Election, he called Looking to find Co-Conspirators in an Election Fraud Campaign. And I think for some people, they personally need to Count every single Vote by every single American that was cast on Election Day before they will be satisfied with the Outcome.

I fully SUPPORT this until everyone can be satisfied that there wasn’t a STOLEN ELECTION and NO ELECTION FRAUD! Yes, POST ONLINE minus Voter Personal Information EVERY SINGLE VOTE CAST so that all can come away with a Renewed Belief in Our Voting System.

The American People and all Legislators must remember what FDR said-“…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…FDR’s Inauguration Speech.

And a whole ton of People are in Fear right now. But its where their next meals are coming from. Paying Rent. Paying for Water. Paying for Electricity. They Fear many things but the AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT FEAR TRUMP. Yet, it appears a SELECT FEW do. The Few that Count. Why must a Nation now have to ASK why the Senate will not Allow a January 6 Commission. Have we sunken to such a low place of Fear? Fear of what? Let’s find out what we can do we can put an End to all the false statements. And They will continue until they are put to rest with the Truths.

But do you want to know the whole Truths about January 6? Do you care? And some of the Media are saying that GOP SENATORS Fear certain things coming out from such a Commission? What Certain Things? That they FEAR Trump too? But why do they FEAR him? No one should ever FEAR any 🇺🇸 President unless you are a Terrorist.

And if One State’s Voter Outcome is changed by State Legislators, I would be Fearful of what People might then do. Wouldn’t you? In such an event, people might be Killed. And that would be very terrible.

But we must take to Heart what FDR had to say. We are living in an eerily similar time period as THEY were in 1933. And they were some of the Bravest people in the World. And we must be too Today. The Bravest. The Strongest.

…The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself…FDR’s Inauguration Speech.

so, please don’t give-up. Don’t let the beast grind you down. Keep your head above the water. Keep staying calm with love in your Heart. Don’t buy into the Bull. Believe in God and God Bless!