A Panther’s Father Book IV

Most of this manuscript is ready. It still needs the final brush strokes if this were a painting. But I now find it amusing some of the things people have told to me.

In the 1st book,

Tell me White Boy how you gots the right to write bouts us?

It’s stunning and amazing what People will do and say and Label by just a Book Cover. Never opened a single page, but there they are placing their hands on my neck like I done something evil. Or was doing something evil. But the REVIEWS say otherwise.

And then once again the Critics attacked me by just the Book Cover when A Panther’s Father II came out.

How could you put a naked Woman on your Book Cover? And what does her being Pregnant mean? Tell us White Boy where you are taking the World? Tell us. I was stunned and amazed at what People said before opening the Book and reading a single page. But they do. Yes, they do.

And then came all the Attacks about Being White and writing about Black Atrocities. Well. I say this-How can you have Atrocities if both sides don’t agree that they are or were Atrocities. I am a Witness and I WROTE IT.

But here is A Panther’s Father III and can you guess what they ATTACKED ME ABOUT? Look closely.

They said that They were Naked Women Trees On the Book Cover. And again. Are they Black Women? White Boy, White Man, how could you write bouts us Black Women. You’re WHITE!

Again, Atrocities need Witnesses and both sides must Agree Atrocities took place. In one way. You will find Hope in a World full of Hopelessness. But there is a side that has some of the most dangerous implications ever written firing COLD WAR SHOTS between Russia and America. And Troops are killed.

Are you trying to start WWIII, Mr. Brown? Yes, I’ve been asked this many times. But Book III leaves the audience seeing an Act take place that is a War Concern. Even causing Provocation. And it’s blaring in the Reader’s face. All over the World on TV. But Book IV takes it even closer. And why? People of both sides must see each other thru literature and then ask-Is that How we are being Viewed all over the World?

Only People can change that. But they must see what might be wrong. They must agree that imagery is important through the words of the Author.

And I’ve taken time to watch how this Pandemic unfolded to help me determine if I wanted to include word about it in my Book.

But this Book IV has very strong sexual connotations and Long with Love Scenes that I wanted to share. They are not fictional. And I’ve Authored them hopefully in a manner that will not be provocative. Or upsetting to folks. But love between married couples is part of a healthy relationship. My wife and I have been together for over 40 years now.

But. Before the year is over. I plan to see it Published. And I hope you will enjoy reading it. Each Book has a difficult Police Investigation going on where a World Famous Criminologist has to be brought in to help solve the Killings. And in this case, it is Human TRAFFICKING which does not get the Preventative Support that these horrible Criminal Acts need from the Public. It’s children being kidnapped and used in Sex Trade Nationwide.

I specifically wrote this because as a Texas Prison Guard, Governor Abbott made this aware to us and ASKED for our help. Well, putting Human TRAFFICKING in my Books twice in such a way as to bring tears to your eyes as you read how hurt they become will get people to talking. Hopefully this will help open 🇺🇸’s eyes. All of us must do Our Part.

Thank you for coming and seeing all the stuff I write. Both good and stupid too. I hope you have a great week.