January 6 COMMISSION is Transparency! But do you care?


Do you want Transparency in American Government? Do you? Is the Truth not worth seeking? We will find out if the 🇺🇸 Senate is America’s SENATE or Trump’s SENATE. Trump said he owns them and I do believe he does.

Yes. To block the House Bill without even allowing a VOTE is Politics from a stance of Fear. Fearing one man? What the Heck does this one Man have over them? Or Fear that certain very bad things will come out

I don’t want them to Vote me out of Office…I say NO to a Commission and I know all Americans are with me too.

And possibly make some people in Congress look very damnable.

But more importantly, isn’t this wholly Un-American to not allow all Senators to VOTE on a January 6 COMMISSION? They need to Vote. We want to know where Congress stands.

Do they stand with America or with the Insurrectionists?