American Workers Are doing a SILENT PROTEST by not going back to work? Are ‘Rich People’ PROTESTS Coming?

PHOENIX — The top 1% of Arizonans will get more than half of the $1.5 billion in permanent tax cuts being pushed by Gov. Doug Ducey and Republican legislators, an analysis shows.

Billionaires paying less than a $1000 per year in Taxes? And every time you read about another Tax Cut or Tax Benefit. It is a SUPER BENEFIT. SUPER CUT FOR THE RICH.. Another SUPER BREAK while Regular Joes get Piss Pot Benefits and now every one is watching very closely what the Rich are getting Given to Them. Giving to the Rich. It’s a Clown Act. And its on all of 🇺🇸!

Okay, people are now getting the Government’s $300 per week unemployment benefit that Governors are now stripping from them. The Rich are Dictating everything. Telling their Stooges what to do with Regular Joes. And when they stand up above us and piss into the wind to make sure it gets on everybody, especially all the Regular Joes.

And they said that there is No Excuse for these Lazy Butts not to get back to work.

But I’m thinking the reason for not going back to work is a SILENT PROTEST. American Workers have finally said to Hell with working. 2020 stripped many families of thei Dreams and their Homes. But they all WATCHED in dismay when they saw the Big Fat Tax Cuts the Trump Administration gave mostly to the Rich. The Top 1% Americans. Heck, they are all Buddies with each other.

And It appears that Arizona is now showing the world about another a benefit for the Top 1% of Income makers.

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I just want to thank all of you for giving me another Billion.

Well. When a Rich Person now comes out in the Open, people are turning away. And those that Watch only watch with a certain growing degree of Contempt for them. These Rich are NOT the same as the other 99% of all the Regular Joes in America. Their LUST for Money is now in everybody’s face. Benefits mostly benefiting only the Top 1% is really starting to stick in the minds of not just Regular Joes, but everyone.

And all of 🇺🇸 is asking the same Question-Why are the Super Rich being given so much more than I?

And now, there continues a run to help the Rich like never before in American History. But help them at a disproportionate rate of benefit. Do they Own you Children? Do they drank your Blood? No, but they damn sure drain everyone’s pocketbook. And while a Regular Joe lacks a $50 amount in his Check which could put him in a better neighborhood and apartment. Can they? No, that extra money went to a Rich Person’s pocketbook. That Tax Break went to them Rich who say they earned it. They deserved it.

If you don’t have a Portfolio of at least 12 million dollars then you are just a Regular Joe. Nope, you’re not a part of the 1% getting all the benefits. Not anywhere Close. You need a Billion.

But now, Workers are growing Angry right here in America making piss pot wages. That State’s Theft of that $300 a week is not being absorbed in a good light. It stinks of reeking Rich wanting more Money by getting their Money Machines fully staffed.

When employment Numbers are Highest, the Rich are making the Most. And when they AREN’T, they look for ways to force PEOPLE back to work. They called their Buddies and shit-canned that $300 a week Relief payment to people they’ll never ever even meet. But that day may be coming where the Poor take to the streets to Protest the Rich.

It was explained to me by a Billionaire in the Oilfield in the 1980s when he suddenly decided to discuss his Hirings. Don’t ever connect beyond the handshake with anyone who cannot make you real money and then. When they Breakdown, Fire them, and get a new one. People are just like renting a new car. You use it till it breaks and then drop it off at the Junk Yard.

The way many Rich people use regular people is pretty well explained in that man’s view of how to deal with People. And the benefits going fully their way since 2017, there appears no end on how people are readily bowing down to them. Giving them the keys to the Piggy Banks. But ole Regular Joe has now started to Notice this New Give Back to the Rich Programs popping up all across the United States.

And How are the Regular Joes fighting back? Simple. By not looking for any work. Why work when the Rich get so much more? It’s become the Rich Mans Game. And now the Rich Mans children are giving them more benefits. Benefits for the Rich outpacing the Benefits of the Regular Joes? Really? And in the Faces of Every one now?

But during 2020 and 2021 thus far has sent a great many of the hardest workers into hibernation moving back with Parents and Grandparents. Or living in their Cars. Many dropped out of their homes and are in RVs and Trailer Parks. But look not so far and you’ll see a certain Anger or disgust that is growing and that growing is being directed toward the Rich.

Everyone is talking about it. All the Regular Joes know.

Will it get so bad that they will go to the Rich at their Homes? At their Jobs? You’re Rich and your Office Manager tells you that there is a Vagrant waiting to see you. What’s Up Time!

Yes, I’m not so sure that there won’t be Rich People Protests in America before 2021 ends. I do think the Anger will move into the Streets as more and more Americans finally want to express How they feel about the Rich getting the Biggest Benefits. And every turn is now suggesting something is coming.. People are saying. People are talking. People will take Action?