A Texas Cowboy

To all my Drinking Friends,

Like most of us

We were young Cowboys

Went into the Army at 18

But Lord Have Mercy

Something changed in me Overseas.

Seeing things most Cowboys ain’t never seen.

Things most weren’t never supposed to see.

But the nights been long and nights shorter.

Seen Great Shows and Lots of Great People,

Seen Great Folks come and Go,

Elvis and John and Phyllis Diller and Selena too.

Been too many for sure.

But ain’t nothing Like down home Country Folks.

Cooking gravy and sour dough biscuits.

Still watching all the Ole Westerns, Old Movies

Most every night, WWI & WWII Movies too.

Like to think my relatives are watching too.

Found a good woman who gave us three,

And they jumped the number up to 8.

Seen good times that made me cry with joy

Seen bad times made me cry real hard.

But don’t matter who you are or what you’ve been,

If you started out a Texas Cowboy,

You’ll finish as a Texas Cowboy when you’re done.