Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a time-

Now. Before I continue, look at ALL PHOTOS.

This is a mystery Tale. A Who Done It Tale. A Lobster Tale. And now, you look at each Picture individually? Please do. There’s a Big Tale to be Told. It’s one tricky thing.


Now, let’s follow the rabbit down the Rabbit Hole and the rest of the Tale-

And read it. It’s not a fairy tale. It’s a real thing that took place. It’s just one Of Hundreds of Racial Events I studied, did my research on, before I ever began to write-

But it’s a Book to read as it jumps deeply into stuff no one wants to come clean about. Things like the TRUTH. It’ll take you on one axing Tale if you Trust Yourself as not being a Cheater. Well, are you? A Cheater? If you swear you’re not. Then read the Book.