Articles whimpering about Detainment Camps are easy to sidetrack the real Issue. And that is the MEXICAN CARTELS!

Once again, the Texas Legislature will end another round of GOP ISSUES ONLY and while they Beat their Chests about passing Tougher Voting Laws and Voting Penalties and New Abortion Law, THEY ONCE AGAIN did nothing about Mexican Cartels. And the Cartels will make a $BILLION DOLLARS trafficking kids and adults here into Texas. Billions in Pot Sales so that Texans can get Felonies.

And instead of getting in line with Texas Society’s changing Views and DISGUST with Felony Laws for possession of Small amounts of Pot, they still have it at a BLACK TEXAN’S WORST MISTAKE. WORST NIGHTMARE and that is a CRIPPLING FELONY ON YOUR RECORD! Always keeping the Black Man down!

72% of TEXANS WANTED and Openly demanded relaxing the Pot Laws. But Focusing ONLY ON A GOP AGENDA leaves little room for the rest of Texas and Texans. Texas is getting closer to flipping to DEMOCRAT. Why? It’s the same dog and pony show every Two Years. It’s the GOP SHOW in Austin. It is not the Agenda many Texans are wanting to see. Millions of Texans are feeling left out. Not being of any Party at all, but if forced to pick one, It’s GOP GRIP is slipping away. And the lunatic attempts to STOP the Election Results of other States as if all Texans have Brass Balls and We control America. Well, we do not. I’ve NEVER seen such spinoff of crazy Lawsuits now coming out of Texas at anything certain people don’t like.

So, can a Party “AGENDA” themselves right out of Office? Sure they can and do. And most Texans are sick of the Immigrant Traffic to be the NEW GO TO BULL. Hellfire. We’ve only lived with it all of Our Lives and it’s Old Beans. It’s nothing New and attacking The New Whitehouse as THEIR ONLY PROBLEM and unable to fix it. Man, get that Lame argument out of here. We’ve been living it for a Hundred or more years.

People don’t know shit because they don’t want to spend time researching nothing. They are Lazy. They are used to being Spoon Fed all of their News like Gerber Babies. So sad. But one story that always seems impossible to have ever taken place did take place-


The Largest Mass Deportation in American History

As many as 1.3 million people may have been swept up in the Eisenhower-era campaign. And did your Mommy or Daddy talk to you about this one? Or did your Grandparents talk about it? No, just like talking about the KKK was Hush Hush. Yes, there are some Dark Secrets that should never have been hidden, but were. And How Come Texas’s Border became the National Border of Campaign Games with WE GOT TO BUILD A WALL to PROTECT people in NYC and every other City in America because it became a GOP GO TO ITEM!

Suddenly Texas had a Border with a Zillion Enemy Migrants coming across in Millions per Truck Load. The Stereotyping never stops. NEVER STOPS when the Politicians get a hold of a Subject. Unbelievable Gang Members coming by the Millions are Coming here and Jihadists too. WE GOT TO BUILD A WALL!

Not in my parents or grandparents lifetimes did I hear them complain about needing A WALL. But enough said. It is a Useless Monument of Wasted Steel. WASTED! A real Texas Joke now. They are still coming over thanks to the MEXICAN CARTELS. These are 🇺🇸’s Greatest Threat to National Security.

But I do expect to see Jihadists to attack 🇺🇸 wherever they can. And it might be thru Cuba or Jamaica that they will travel thru to get to 🇺🇸. Not only Thru Mexico.

Texas will let another Golden Opportunity to nix the MEXICAN CARTELS control on one drug-Pot. But No, they’d rather it be a Felony to burn up our Kids and get them a Prison Sentence. Trust This-TEXAS PRISONS ARE ONE TEXAS HELLHOLE YOU WANT TO STAY OUT OF. I Retired as a Texas Prison Guard.

Sen. Daines added:

“Mexican meth coming across the southern border is flowing into Montana and devastating our communities and families. Recent actions taken by the Mexican government have undermined the working relationship between our two countries with respect to law enforcement. We must hold Mexico accountable and ensure they are doing what they can to help put an end to this crisis.”


Where’s the Proof? Simple. Every attempt to bring meaningful Legislation to Stop them in their Tracks never gets to COMMITTEE.

NEVER!. And these Cartels get $5000 to $22,000 per person they smuggle into Our Land. So,do you think that they’ll pass on $100,000 to smuggle Jihadists into America? Not hardly. They’ll do it.

But these Cartels have grown way too large and POWERFUL thanks to you know who!!! Yep. I’ve said it since being told why they get away with it by a Leader Cartel Member in a Texas Prison in ’78. 1978! So how much more POWERFUL have they grown now even buying Real Estate all across 🇺🇸. They plan a Casino here if Casinos pass. And the crooked folks just keep getting more crooked. Taking Cartel Monies…right to the Bank. Sick. Really sick we have people here helping Mexican Bandidos in 🇲🇽!

And they are supposed to be getting ready to take delivery of DRONES built in IRAN. WTH! Are they gonna use them for? Drop’em over The Wall? I am curious. Aren’t you?

They are getting way too powerful! May be completely unstoppable now.