This is such a Sad Picture of one of the Saddest Times in my Life-January 6 INSURRECTION!

Movie? Nope, but a Horror Movie could be made. Or a PTSD Trauma Movie. Or some type of Psychological Thriller? It’s the scary Reality of Our Future…such an unbelievable Event.

Over 70 Capitol Police have Quit or Retired since it took place. Over 400 Arrested. And they still don’t know how many more are gonna Up and Leave. Would you stay?

Especially when you found out that Police Officers, Military, Militias, Firemen, and Legislators were there in that MOB of Rioters or Insurrectionists. Yes, participating in such a Sad day in all of Our Lives. And all of 🇺🇸 were at fault. Yes, we were. Those that knew it was coming and did nothing to stop it. Those that knew it was coming and only fueled it. We all saw it coming. We all were expecting some form of shenanigans. Yes, we were. Legislators were lobbing Artillery Rounds at each side across the Isles. Texas and other States led an attempt to Destruct the Election Results. Even in to that late night did other Legislators still attempt to set off a TURD BOMB large enough to halt the Certifying of the State Returns.

And Jesus! The Number of DEATH THREATS have now reached unbearable numbers against politicians who are still playing the part of Lion Tamer with their wooden chair and whip is their two hands. Yes, they keep stoking the fires and stoking all forms of crippling Division. And they all run to Social HIGHLIGHT SUPER SPOTLIGHT Media with their Pleas of every form of Outlandish crazy butt wild things coming off the cuff. It’s like the Q’Anon is the Leader of the Crazy Parade seeking more Crazies to follow them.

…in March there was a 93.5 percent increase in threats against members of Congress…

And the New SECURITY BILL already passing the House.

But 🇺🇸’s’s Not Alone-

Hong Kong and France have already passed theirs…

And they are well worth the read.

And here? A Permanent National Guard Force there too?

And France making it illegal to film and take Photos of Police and POST them online. It’s crazy wild. A George Floyd Clause or Fear? America is not the only place where Police are doing the wrong. Even killing CITIZENS. It’s everywhere.

But America doesn’t feel like the same place after the Capitol Riots. There is no RESET BUTTON. No Delete those Memories. Too many still keeping things heading the wrong way. Vanity, Presidential Run? Money? Chaos? Why? What is their Motivations?

There is so much more to do for the Country than always keeping all of 🇺🇸 refocused on the past. But I think Congress damn sure needs to increase and improve Capitol Security. They must. Some of Congress keeps pissing too many People Off. And that’s just wrong. They need to quit while they think they are ahead.