How close are we to Genocide?

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce his strategy toward China soon, and

calls are growing for him to make a clear public commitment to defend Taiwan militarily. Jesus, are they Insane? Totally Insane?

A US law requires Washington to help the island defend itself in the event of a conflict, but the United States has pursued a policy of “strategic ambiguity” for decades, refraining from clearly stating what circumstances would lead it to intervene militarily on Taiwan’s behalf.

Man, talk about the difference between Bullshit and RAW BULLSHIT, Well. This is it!

To fight a War with China in her own Backyard makes absolutely NO SENSE! This logistical nightmare has even already been proven on a paper by a War Think Tank. And their Conclusion was that No War with China could be fought without the USE of Nuclear Weapons. And the Thunkers knew this even back in 1958.

And Taiwan has already SAID that they do not want a War between China and 🇺🇸 fought on their Homeland.

And a War with China would bring a Global Nightmare to World Trade. Most have No Clue at what a Standstill Trade would become. A War between China, Russia, and 🇺🇸 would collapse the World’s Economy. Put Poverty into a spiral spin downward like in a Tornado Vortex. Bring 79% of the World in to Starvation in 117 days as predicted by the War Think Tank.

But make No Mistake, China appears to be speeding up her Plans to fight 🇺🇸 and USE Nuclear Weapons with a ramped-up program to build Nukes as fast as possible. Trump and his Kung-Fu Covid Comments Merely added to it. But China’s Saber-Rattlers ran with it all the way to the Head Man and now, they’ve actually began a radically All Out Hate Campaign with 🇺🇸 as their New ENEMY.

And another huge Misinformation, maybe the biggest, came about by China’s Propaganga Machine when Q’Anon promoted the Raw Bullshit.

Q’Anon said Covid was created here in America and deliberately taken to China.

What a crock of shit and Q’Anon may have helped America get into a War with China over their Bullshit and China ran with it feeding it to its populus.

And the Chinese are practicing Wargames to ATTACK Taiwan and Guam and Pearl Harbor and the American West Coast. And Alaska too? Alaska? Yes. Part of their Treaty Deal with Russia is for them to take Out American Forces in Alaska. And Russia will then aid China.

While everyone was sleeping and Not even born Yet, War Treaties were signed by thick headed Church Deacons still beating their chests over WWII and it still amazes me that Russia would help China. These are the same types that are holding back the legalization of Pot. Like Texas’s Head Deacon in Austin, Texas. He must be Self-Ordained. Completely full of himself.

And War Games Matter. You practice War for a War you believe is imminent.

The KAVKAZ WAR GAMES where Russia and China prepared for War with the West. But now, India has finally realized the True intentions of Russia and China. Those Two are planning for real War.

When will it come? In the NEXT TEN YEARS for sure. China has got it’s Population to a fever pitch for War with 🇺🇸. And Q’Anon and Trump didn’t help slow this. They helped exasperate the Issue of War. But don’t worry. Both will deny any responsibility.

And this War would cause 100 Million Deaths. But could cause as many as two to three Billion. Depending on use of biological Weapons. Does that seem impossible? Hey, remember, most would be from Starvation. And it would come down to who gets the Food? Military or the Children? Won’t be the children. But new and unbelievable World Plagues caused when a Country released Biological Weapons is quite a possibility.

But should you WORRY? Hell no. BBQ and drink another BEER. If the Mad Hatters are going to take the World into a War, you won’t be able to STOP IT. Hell, they are talking about IT right now in War Think Tanks.