CATTLE QUEEN OF MONTANA-a fun Old West Drama with tons of Drama.

When defiant female rancher Sierra Nevada Jones (Barbara Stanwyck) sweeps into Montana, she receives a hostile welcome from a tribe of Native Americans who attack her cattle and leave her father dead. Kindly Indian brave Colorados (Lance Fuller) and government officer Farrell (Ronald Reagan) help Sierra fight for her land against treacherous locals like the envious Tom McCord (Gene Evans), a neighboring rancher determined to cheat Jones out of her property and drive her back to Texas.

This is a very interesting Old West Western. You have the rough and tough daughter of a Texas Rancher who travels to Montana in search of better grass for his herd of Cows.

But on the 1st night having arrived at his future Ranch, he is killed in an Indian Massacre. But this attack is caused by a greedy White Rancher who uses the Indian Leader of this group and his group of followers to take land, steal Cows. And he is delivering Guns to these renegade Indians.

But interesting is the Chief’s Son has just arrived back to the Tribe of Blackfeet from going to College. He has inspirations of Goodwill. But there is awesome Drama all thru this Movie and Ronald Reagan carries a mean gun.

So, if you want Action and Drama and Indians and A Stampede, this is a good Movie to watch. A very interesting Movie that will make you think about the Past and Now.

So pop some Popcorn and enjoy!

To everyone reading my Blogs, THANK YOU, no matter what part of the World you live in. Keep Safe, Live Long and Prosper.