JUKE GIRL-a Movie all Americans need to Watch Today!

I wanted to point out the Comedian above-William Best, sometimes known as Sleep n’ Eat, was an American television and film actor. Best was one of the first African American film actors and comedians to become well known. 

JUKE GIRL is unlike most Movies that you will see. It tells many things, but it tells the Tale of Migrant American Workers traveling to where the Work was. And Picking Crops by hand was long hours, Hard work!

But when your pockets were empty. You went where just .25 Cents meant something like a hamburger for .05 Cents. ETHYL Gasoline was .12 Cents a Gallon. Ethyl was the Supreme or higher Octane Gasoline.

But in a way, these Fruit and Vegetable Work Camps brought Bars and other places where you could burn up your hard earned earnings. But the Story is about the deep Goodness that resides in all of us. And at times. Like in Pandemic Times, we are Tested. Are you still fighting from a Pandemic CAN’T GO? And in those Older Days Gone By the men were ready to work hard and earn whatever was available. Change your CAN’T GO and into WHERES THE WORK? And get moving again.

I still remember my Uncle telling me that he and two other of my Uncles worked and dug ditches for the Government after WWII. Money was hard then too. He told over many times to me how scarce Money was back then.

And Willie Best we see in lots of Movies playing Comic Relief from all the Tension some Movies bring to the Moviegoers. His being in Scary Movies are fun to watch as long as you do not think about one thing-Where are all the other Black Actors and Actresses. There were NONE or few back then and when they were, they were in a Movie back in those days in small roles and mostly in servitude roles on Screen. It’s the way it was. I’m not pointing to OMG! I’m only pointing to one thing that stood out to me. And yet, some things jut out like an Iceberg and stuff stands out at times. But don’t let that spoil this Movie for you.

But this Movie is well worth the Watch. And Many need to watch such a Movie to see how bad some had it back then or How GOOD?

But the mean Food Distribution Dock Owner, a killer who might have not gone to jail today is hung by a worked-up Crowd of Drunken Farm Picking Workers.

But Reagan and Juke Girl come very close to being hanged instead.

Fruit picker Steve Talbot (Ronald Reagan) sides with Greek farmer Nick Garcos (George Tobias) in his feud with packing-plant owner Henry Madden (Gene Lockhart). That causes trouble for him in his small Florida farming town, which Madden rules with an iron fist. Even Steve’s buddy Danny Frazier (Richard Whorf) joins with the all-powerful oligarch. Seemingly the only person with the guts to stand up for Talbot is a roadhouse juke girl named Lola Mears (Ann Sheridan).

Juke Girl is a 1942 drama film directed by Curtis Bernhardt and written by A. I. Bezzerides. The film stars Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan. The supporting cast includes Richard WhorfGeorge TobiasGene LockhartAlan Hale Sr.Howard Da SilvaDonald MacBrideFaye EmersonWillie Best, and Fuzzy Knight. The plot focuses on the plight of exploited farmers and farmworkers in the South.[2]

Juke Girl
Directed byCurtis Bernhardt
Produced byJack Saper
Jerry Wald
Screenplay byA. I. Bezzerides
Story byTheodore Pratt
StarringAnn Sheridan
Ronald Reagan
Richard Whorf
Music byAdolph Deutsch
CinematographyBert Glennon
Edited byWarren Low
Warner Bros.
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release dateMay 30, 1942
Running time90 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$1.1 million (US rentals)[1]

Juke in June Girl stands for Juke box. And if you remember putting Quarters in them, then this Movie will make you giggle a bit. But how about a Gal that Sang near them? And she does…

JUKE GIRL is well worth the WATCH. So. Pop some popcorn and enjoy!