The seriously unfunny Israel-Gaza Dilemma is a Quagmire of Snafus. No Cure in Sight.

You know what? You can read Articles all day long about Israel, Gaza, PA, Hamas, and funding and humanitarian Aid, and all the money aid to all of these Countries involved and you won’t come closer to understanding the complexity of the situation in that region of the world. And the one-sided sophisticated weapons one side has and gets from Uncle Sam and what the other side would love to get. Muslim Extremists have ruined the Gaza. Completely proven How Extremism destroys mutually assured respect or friendship.

Foreign tourism has been restricted to East Jerusalem and the West Bank since the August 2013 indefinite closing of the Rafah crossing located between Egypt and the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. There is essentially no tourist flow to Gaza since 2005 because of the ongoing Israeli military land, sea, and air blockade.

America CANNOT fix the Situation. Especially by promising Israel more Money or Weapons. And the recent Acts have only promoted Jewish Supremacy. Akin to White Supremacy here. And for all practical purposes, you have the entire Gaza Population under some kind of weird Human-Rat Experiment controlled by Both Hamas and Israel. One thru direct influence in person and the other by complete Border CONTROL of People, Products, and Food.

It’s a messed up situation and I see No Solution. None at all. Another Cease-Fire will only stop the killing, but not the real problems. You cannot fix Radical Thinking and both sides has plenty who have it.