And in an interview with Fox News in March, Trump falsely claimed the rioters were “hugging and kissing the police and the guards” and posed “zero threat.”

Do you Agree with a COMMISSION being created by a Group of Congress Members made up equally of Republicans and Democrats? Is that not fair? The fair way to Do one? Do you think that there is reasonable concern that such an Event as January 6th could take place again?

Do you think that being Struck by A Large Metal Fire Extinguisher is a Big Deal? Possibly Life Threatening? You might if it were YOU who got HIT.

Well, do you agree with what took place? Do you Agree with that? Their Actions made them American PATRIOTS? Do you Agree?

Trump…claimed the rioters were “hugging and kissing the police and the guards” and posed “zero threat.”

Do you buy into the actions on that day as being just a Regular Tourists Visit?

Well, I might agree that it was nothing of any consequences EXCEPT several things took place that I still have problems with and just cannot get out of my Mind.

  1. This was Our National Capitol.
  2. Weapons were brought and USED.
  3. U.S. Capitol Police DIED.
  4. U.S. Capitol Police were INJURED.
  5. Our Fellow Americans DIED.
  6. Our Fellow Americans were INJURED.
  7. Our U.S. Capitol was DAMAGED.
  8. BOMBS were brought.
  9. Organized Militias Participated.

Now, drop all the Party Rhetoric and let’s Ask these QUESTIONS-

  1. Exactly what FACTORS, not might have been, influenced these Individuals to ATTACK Our 🇺🇸 Capitol?
  2. Are there any DEEP STATE PREPARATIONs being made for even Worse Activities? If so, by whom?
  3. How do we prevent such Actions from taking place in the Future?

QUESTIONS all of us have that need answers. We need the Truth. And everyone making Statements that it was an Okay thing does bother me cause I saw real RIOTS with over 100,000 in it and these things cannot be Overlooked or worse will come. I saw worse coming and that was an actual Assassination.

Is that the only thing that would wake some of people up and SHUT THEM making falsities UP?


This is not a Political Game to be walked thru carelessly. We need real Answers. Let’s get them.