BITCOIN-A Criminal Warlords Candy Store!

Criminals use them. Warlords use them. Sophisticated Knowledgeables use them. And now, BITCOIN has taken on a whole new level of Hiding Criminality. It’s the Criminals Playground. And everyone engaged in Major Crime is using them. And they are untraceable. Completely invisible to Governments Deep Cleanse.

So, why do people run to BITCOIN? In more Cases than ever, they do to Hide their Identity. They pay for every Criminal Activity known to mankind. And it’s growing at an unprecedented rate.

But once you dump or trade your Money into BITCOIN, your real money is good as gone. Unless you can get it back out. Some do and there are a growing numbering Horror Investment Stories where they Lost all.

You say-No Way. But remember when your friend came bragging to you about BITCOIN and then a year later. They sped away from it? Like suddenly it was something ugly to discuss? But hiding Criminal Activity and bypassing Taxes and Government’s prying eyes has reached Outer Space Levels. And everyone is proudly paying for all their Crime thinking that nothing can ever come back to bite them in the butt. But what if it did?

Magulla-A New Super Computer Program is now doing the impossible. It is breaking down the amazing trail of hops and bounces into Zones believed by the Best Computer Wizards to be impossible to break. But this Highly Classified Program is doing just that and can follow the money all the way back to the Source of Mining Farmers using Ransomware.

And in the near future, the Theft of BITCOIN is going to have a field day. And remember the Wikileaks? Well, get ready for a slaughtering.

And will your name and information paying for prostitution be given to the District Attorney? Or what other FOOL.ish Purchase? Or buying Drugs? Activity will come back to you? All the way back to you? Your name? Your Address?

Ransomware attacks add to bitcoin’s woes, shining a light on the use of cryptocurrencies in crime

And past Criminal Activitiesay soon come back to haunt a fool. Remember-when it sound too good, it’s made for a FOOL.