Is ‘GOP Infighting’ simply part of a Master Plan to keep Trump’s Base in Tact? Just an excellent rue?

What if a Super Brain Think Tank are toiling with everyone and everyone in the GOP is playing their Role in a Huge Master Plan to

  1. Keep Trump Base in Tact.
  2. Keep Trump in the Limelight.
  3. Keep everything All About Trump.
  4. All the way to 2024!

Is this amusing to you? Everyone playing their part in an already designed plan? Why? Well, if you want to keep Trump ALIVE and all of His Opinions Alive, then you do need a Way to keep the Master Plan going on. And you need a Plan.

A very Good Plan. And there are Brilliant Minds who can do anything you want with people and their Minds. People pay them to come up with Plans to sway Voters and everything you are thinking. And these Brilliant Minds are past maybe at it again to Keep Trump in your Face all over again. It’s incredibly Brilliant. And Most GOP Congressmen are Onboard in it. It is the ONLY real Truth that makes any sense if you move far away from it to see it from the outside looking in.

To satisfy the Base. You must promote what Alpha One says. No matter the Opinions are. And in this Case, it’s what the Base wants to Hear and it upsets the others. But it is part of the Big Picture to Purge things.

But things are strangely starting to show a very well planned Plan of Deceit being masterfully carried out. Straight out of the Alpha One Headquarters where the Ring Leaders meet for their latest Instructions. And the most obvious and latest was to unleash a mini-War with Rep. Liz Cheney. But What if she was pulled into the Master Plan and still doesn’t know it. But it worked out perfectly and I think she got played like a well played Banjo.

It’s a Rue. One done by a Super Think Tank that Presidents have put together. All of them have them. But most of us don’t think about it. President Bush had one here. And most of us do not look as far as you are right now.

To get things done, you have To Motivate the Crowd. And there’s none Better than what Alpha One came up with. But does it disturb you knowing someone is pulling your Strings? You being Upset and was done by Big Think Panning?

Now, how’s that grab you? Might be time To Take the Slow Track and get Off the Train to see exactly what is going on.

Think About Yourself as a Member of the Big Think Tank and now you must come up with a Way to-

  1. Maximize the Reo. Liz Cheney Story.
  2. But how do you do that?
  3. It’s a well played Game of Chess! And Cheney was just moved on the Board. Not REMOVED.

So, if you Think a bunch. You can find several thoughts in ways to Maximize her Being in the News to please the BASE. And to please Alpha One. Maximize all of it. USE HER! Keep letting Her Story keep pumping stiff thoughts on the minds of many while Only all of it being part of some great Mastermind Plan.

But there is no End in Sight on how far this Think Tank and Alpha One will go! Why? It’s working out Beautifully. It’s doing what they said it would do.

But what is the Super Think Tank planning NEXT?