China Stamps it’s Brand on Mars!

Water ice can’t persist on Mars surface in the region of Utopia Planitia, about halfway from Mars’ equator to its pole. But researchers say there’s water in a vast frozen lake underground. But is there?

Utopia Planitia-


China’s Zhurong Rover is now on Mars! This is a Huge Accomplishment. Absolutely BRILLIANT!

This is a very nice thing China has done. MARS! A planet that is being WATCHED by more than Earth. And when will the other Observers not from Earth appear?

Getting a Rover on the Surface of MARS is one of the biggest challenges of Mankind. Easy? Absolutely not. But will one of the few Rovers on MARS find something extraordinary? Well, time will only tell. Yes, it will…

Zhurong’s seven instruments include cameras, ground-penetrating radar, a magnetic field detector and a weather station. And will Zhurong find Water?

And the Name? Zhurong?

Zhurong (Chinese: 祝融), also known as Chongli (Chinese: 重黎), is an important personage in Chinese mythology and Chinese folk religion. According to the Huainanzi and the philosophical texts of Mozi and his followers, Zhurong is a god of fire and of the south.

Zhurong riding two dragons, depicted in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, 1597 edition