‘ALL ABOUT TRUMP NEWS’ still Consumes the MEDIA! Move On! Report News Again, Not Opinion.

These are BLINKERS! They are placed on Horses to keep them from seeing things to their Sides. But it’s also what’s on a lot of The Media Today! And it keeps some folks from doing their Real Jobs and that is Reporting on the Real News.

WTF? The Election is OVER! The Results are in. And Today On the TV NEWS, they ONLY FOCUSED on Who would be The GOP 2024 Presidential Candidate and the GOP Stuff. Man Who Cares? Who cares to hear all about the Republican Infighting. I DON’T. I want Meat and Potatoes News Stories. Not Opinion BULLSHIT!

And why in the Hell are we now requiring Social Media Politician Stars? Who can equate A Politician to a Movie Star? An NFL or NBA Player? Or a Hockey or Socker Star? MLB Player?

I’m sorry, but-

We have a long ROAD ahead before we get that far of really giving a shit about another Election. And instead of Focusing on the Real News, they once again made it


Damn it’s too much. Get on with Your Jobs. There is the Chinese Zhurong Rover that landed on Mars and that is an amazing feat. There’s wholesale Killing going on by Israel in the Middle East. There’s Hacking. There’s Killing going on in almost every City right now.

But now, we must once again keep watching the ankle shackled reporting tied to Donald Trump News. Or is it WTF? Hell, call it whatever you like, but I want Real News and I think you do too. Hasn’t enough been said on Election Opinions? Can’t we please MOVE ON!

RACISM is still very much alive. That hasn’t died at all. And we’re all just waiting to see where the next despicable Black Killing takes place. And oh yes. It is coming because there are Stupid People out there.

Many, many years ago, I always enjoyed reading How Stupid People had killed themselves during the previous year. Man, people are so damn stupid. No, not all, but we got some real Stupid Folks. And the stupid ways they die is a head shaker.

But can Reporters please get back to Reporting the Real News and NOT REPORTING ON OPINION?

Watching one person after another giving their Opinion on BULLSHIT is getting so damn Old. So, that’s where Youtube and Netflix comes in to get the Heck away from Bullshit Reporting on ALL ABOUT TRUMP NEWS BULLSHIT like he was still in the Oval Office and only Opinion Stuff. Opinion Rating! Opinion Reporting! It’s becoming Reporting on Opinions. I don’t need Opinions. You don’t either. Non-Stop Opinion.

Enough said…