DRIFT FENCE-another fun Old West Western to Watch

Now almost a 100 years old. In no time, it will be. And unless all of us keep watching these old movies. Our Early Movie Industry will be lost. One of the most interesting items I see in these Old Movies is how they did things back then. And in this one, I finally saw another way that they stretched and tightened Barbed Wire while making a Cattle Fence. I’ve done that a bunch, but not the way they do in this movie. These Barbed Wire Fences brought about the end of the Free Range and roaming it freely. And it keeps Cows and Sheep and Horses on your Property. So, if you finally want to learn this little secret about stretching tightening Barbed Wire like they did in the Old Days. Watch DRIFT FENCE to find out how.

In this Movie, a Texas Ranger agrees to trade identity with a City Dweller. The City guy was being sent to go to a Huge Ranch to start building a Drift Fence to stop the Cattle Rustling going on because of Free Range Issues. It’s a fun, easy going Old West Movie and the Bed Guys and the Good Cowboys have a big Town Shootout near the end. So. Pop a big bag of Popcorn and sit back and enjoy paying a moment to Reflect on America’s Past thru an excellent Western. Zane Grey wrote the book that this Movie is based on.