Ten Years from Now, Everyone will be LTAO! over Today’s Ridiculous Political BULLSHIT!-Lol

Yep, ten years from now, Everyone will be laughing their Asses Off at how consumed People became over Only One Man’s Raunchy Styled Rhetoric. His Addictive New IMAGE Rhetoric snapped-up people like a Bowling Ball smashing through Bowling Pins. Rolling Pins. And he brought with him one amazing playbook of Everything FROM A to Z.

DAMN! AIN’T NO ONE EVER SEEN NOTHING LIKE THIS ONE MAN EVER BEFORE! And there’s a huge Herd of People who can’t get enough of this Man’s all consuming Hurricane Style Attackings. NOTHING before had ever come about like this ever before.

And in 10 Years. His way won’t Be the Highway. No, in ten years. The Fog will lift. The Amazement will have grown Old. Very Old. And maybe. No, not Maybe. In ten years everyone will be able to step back and away from the Huge Bubble that everyone is caught within. Yes. By then, Everyone will finally come to see the Real Truths of all the amazing Amusements of Showmanship that came with this one Man.

Yes. At Times, I became fully amused at how totally devoted millions have become to one Man. But stop a second and THINK about what Happens when he is G O N E! When his S T A R finally glimmers out. When the Glow and Limelight is Gone. Yes. When he is gone and Nobody can Compare to Him and his Methodology. No will come close.

And HOLY COW! THERE IS NOT ONE PERSON that comes close to his Magnetization. Oh my yes, he is one whale of a People Magnet. And how Sad it is that all the Ones trying to Mimic this one Man cannot hold a Candle to him. Not one of them have the Bulldozer Tactics of Crushing his Foes. He is a Political Ball Crusher and if You Refuse to Follow, Accept. And Repeat what He says, or HE WILL CRUSH YOU!

ITS LIKE GENGHIS KHAN burst onto main stream America and YOU either Liked this New Way of Busting Shit UP or you got a Barrel of Rotten Apple’. Cores in return. And I’m not going to go into what I now see as Following a Folly because it’s Coming back to Rationalize Up Americans in the Next ten Years. 25 Years at the WORST. At the very most.

But I promise you and I’m not using a Crystal Ball. Man will. Women will. All of us will be LAUGHING OUR ASSES OFF at what we thought was so incredibly Important and we’ll find it wasn’t all that at all. It wasn’t nothing! It will all be Gone.

Always Attacking His Foes or thought to be Foes is a funny gut punch when you think about it. And in ten years. So many will suddenly know that their Actions could be Called BULLYism!


And we’ll LAUGH at the Tales of Crazy Wild Bat Shit Beliefs that people will finally Admit to Believing right now that they had. Yes, in ten years, We’ll all be able to talk to each other and Laugh at Ourselves for going thus and allowing Ourselves to be Swallowed Up in the Stormy Waters of One Man’s Rhetoric. Like we were a real part of something greater than Ourselves. But It won’t be such.

And I can see it Coming. And the sooner Others think about How they will see their Own Actions of Today being Viewed in Ten Years, what will you think you’ll see? In Ten Years-

He’ll be G O N E! ALL THE AMAZING HUMAN MAGNETISM will be G O N E! And all the Imitators won’t be Good Enough to fill His Shoes! They won’t be able to COMMAND MILLIONS of Loyalists. His Game He Brought will be a One of a Kind. No One can Follow in His Shoes.

Yes. It will be Over. Finally Finished. And the rest will be just a Memory. Nothing more…