Inside Trump’s Camp the night of the Election?

What did you do on the Night of the Presidential ELECTION? Did you follow the Election closely? And like many, i did wonder how President Trump was handling all the News. Especially when it began to sway towards Biden as the Winner.

This Article Below pretty well describes a President mingling and dining on Sliders and French Fries. Then the Mortification of Losing the Election started to settle in a desperate man’s life. Suddenly. Instead of rationalizing what was taking place in a positive way, Trump Called and began Asking Governors if they thought Voter Fraud had taken place. He was looking for Allies to help him promote his Voter Fraud. And those Two Words became his New Banner and he ran with it. But Alcohol and Partying doesn’t make for intelligent thoughts. And they were doing both in the White House on Election Night.

Now, even to this day, He continues with-

The Voter Fraud Campaign!

“We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election,” Trump tweeted. ” We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Poles are closed!”

Yes. They can if you were in the Line when the Closing Time came. It’s always been that way. They do this in Texas too.

But suddenly, when Trump wasn’t winning any longer, he blew a fuse and went Twitter Crazy and latched out with his Voter Fraud Campaign.

And he hasn’t quit with it yet. Follow him, Join Him, or he will Crush You just like the Crush Jobs he continues to do. I’m still concerned if this is how Hitler did his thing. Join me or I will crush you. Have you ever seen anyone like him before? I have, but he was in Prison.