Does Arizona Have the Greatest Amount of Corruption in United States Voting HISTORY?

Once Upon a Time-

Now look here, Stranger. Here in Texas, we don’t care much for Thieves and Liars. There’s many an Old West Tale about hanging these foul-mouthed rift-raft for stealing And lying where the lies caused irrefutable harm. And we haven’t had a big Deal here when it comes to Voter Corruption. Texas prides itself on doing things Above the Law. Criminal Activity beyond the Greatest Russian-American Spy Novel hasn’t much parted its ways here. And does it exist anywhere in America? Truly found its way into one of the toughest Voting Systems in the World? Doubling Reinforcement was made by every State after claims of Russian Interference in American Elections in 2016? But how so quickly many have chosen to ignore all of it and choose to take the Word of One Man instead of 50 Full States that are United against a Broken American Voting System? Not one State is GUILTY of all the Accusations being made. Yes. They are ACCUSATIONS. And nothing more unless you see Moon Men in the night.

Arizona’s Secretary of State ain’t playing around-

Has a Breach of Contract already taken place? Outside Money is a no-brainer.

Trump has repeatedly said Our American Voting System is BROKEN and CORRUPT and includes, Voter Fraud, Voter Racketeering, and monumental amounts of Dead Voters having risen from the Grave and CAST their Votes for Biden. Not actual Dead Persons, but those acting on their Behalf. 👀 Trump has repeatedly made claims of Ballots arriving here in America and getting thru The Hands and Eyes of ELECTION Officials and became Registered as legitimate VOTES against Him. Ballots cast by Chinese in China getting thru the prying eyes of tough Election Officials? The toughest System in the World. But has Arizona found that their State could be the Most Corrupt in American Voter History and they dealt out an illegal hand in the 2020 Election?

Some of this seems pretty far-far-fetched and might seem something someone having nightmares might have created in their own mind. But When in American History has Our American Voting System suddenly Broken Down? NEVER! NOT ONE TIME! No Russian Hacks got thru in 2016 or 2020. But when did Our System suddenly breakdown? Not until Trump certified that suddenly and ONLY in 2020 had it become Broken. To say that all Trump is saying does remind men of the Children’s Tale of Chicken Little and The Sky is Falling. A fanciful tale told to children about the misfortunes of yelling Lies. Or telling lies to everyone. And what happened to Chicken Little? But what is the real moral of the tale?

“The moral of the traditional Chicken Little story is to have courage, even when it feels like the sky is falling. … It could well be a cautionary political tale: The Chicken jumps to a conclusion and whips the populace into mass hysteria, which the unscrupulous fox uses to manipulate them for his own benefit. But has someone chosen to Chicken Little all of 🇺🇸? By saying Our Most Precious Voting System has been Infiltrated far beyond anything repairable unless Trump himself is Kept in Office? And who cares?

But making these Statements of Our American Voting System to be Broken is about as Treasonous as it gets. Or is it? Is it? Or are they the words of a real Chicken Little?

Our Voting System is not Broken. Only one-man has Claimed it to be that way and even he got on his knees begging for Votes from one Secretary of State. And what level of Corruption is this? You approve of him begging for Votes, just enough Votes to change the Outcome of one State’s Voting System that he claims was a CORRUPT, BROKEN part of Our American Voting System that he claims is Broken?? For him to go begging for Votes after Voting had been Certified or at any time is Lawful in your mind? Does it sound Lawful? Truly Legal? It reminds of a Homeless man sitting on a street corner begging for Votes instead of Money. Does it not?

Do you believe Your State’s Voting System is Broken? And if you do. Do you also believe it became miraculously Broken in 2020? And exactly how was your State’s Voting System Broken? But not until 2020 did it become Broken? Exactly whatever did it become Broken? And if you believe your State’s Voting System did become broken in 2020, where was this breakage taking place? Which one of the American Voter System Broken Proofs Trump claims took place in your State? Which one was it? Which took place? And who was behind it?

Hark the Angels Herald-Where layest the Voter Corruption? Voter Fraud? Voter Racketeering? Where layest Broken Voter Machines? Where are all the Dead Voter Votes? In which State does it layest? Where were they Cast? Where is America’s Broken Voting System? In which State does it layest?


Arizona infographic flat hand drawn vector illustration. American state comic doodle map isolated on dark blue background. Arizona travel routes, landmarks with city names lettering cartoon cliparts

But what sayest thee If nothing is found in the 3rd or is it 4th Recount of 2.1 Million Votes? Would all still not Believe and but instead believe the words of only One Man again?

But more importantly, who is Casting a Broken American Voting System that only appeared in 2020? What is their mindset to continue this tale?

Will no one come clean and end all of this most foul and vulgar attack upon American DEMOCRACY? Americans cannot continue to go down this Road without serious and irreversible Repercussions shamefully laid upon American Democracy.

Our American Voting

System is Not Broken!

When it comes down to picking the Word of 50 States vs One Man, won’t you pick the Word of 50 States over the Word of that One Man?

I will every time…how about you?