America, We got to End the GOP and DEMOCRAT Political STDs that keep mud mumbling out of Folks’s Mouths?

Keeping the GOP mainstream base together based on Lies is very similar to creating what Hitler did with his Third Reich. And I’m not joking. One side talks, the other attacks. The more Lies spread. The more the Counter-Lies are told. It’s like bringing manure and it’s like putting manure on everyone’s plate at Thanksgiving. If over 50 million Americans accept everything Trump has pushed as Truth over the Election he did Lose, That He still claims he Won could actually set America up to a very Violent Greater Insurrection. Maybe the DEADLIEST. The Bloodiest. But caused by STDs spread by Both Parties! STDs mud mumbling out of the far right Saber RATTLERS in Both Parties.

Neither Party’s Saber Rattlers are allowing for America to hit the RESET BUTTON which always took place in the past when a New President took Office. These are the EXTREMISTS on both sides of the Political Spectrum.


Most Americans are not ready for such a Violent crime to once again take place just to see Brother and father and Son Killing Each other. Cousins killing each other? Don’t snap your head back and say-Damn Right! Are you a Born Again Killer? Ready to kill Every Democrat You see? Kill every Republicans you See? Everyone I can find will Die because I am that Mad? And what are you then going to do with the kids in the House you Storm? Kill them too because they have Democratic Parents? Kill them because they have Republican Parents? This Insanity has to END. America needs to flush the Political Commode!

Both Parties are GUILTY AS SIN! Making up Manure about the other as fast as the Manure Machine can put it out…Churn it out! And it has to END. Partisanship is what I saw on the Recreational Yards in the Texas Prisons as Gang Members flocked together. And now Congress has taken Partisanship to The Prison Gang Level. Yes, they completely have and blame each other for all the Problems going on in America but still claim they have the cure. Their Party alone has The Cure. Bull, if they do…they do not.

And I doubt it very seriously going like anything normal.

I predict that those willing to Kill All Democrats or Republicans over Politics will start their Killing the Other Party Extermination at the Poorest Neighborhoods In America! Killing Brown and Black People First? The Nice and Rich neighborhoods won’t even be touched.

18% of America is Black and you want to kill them all in your Quest to cleanse America of those whom you. deem unworthy to breath the same air as you? That is part of your New Party View of White Supremacy. Isn’t it? But isn’t that being a whole lot of insanity? And isn’t your Party’s Quest to kill Brown People will bring all of you to Texas with your Clean America Sweep of millions of them here. Texas has no Issues like other States but here you are gonna want to begin your Political Party Cleansing here to Texas? You do? Well. That is as Insane as it gets.

But unchecked Politics can do anything and they can become crazy Violent. Let a Madman lose and see who he Kills.

But the Bitter War Rhetoric and Division you envision has America completely devoid of your Party’s biggest Opponent. But your views are not that in all of America. Your ideas are not the entire Nation. America is splintered if you only watch News claiming it to be. Quit watching that Channel. It is poisoning you.

COMMUNISTS WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA! 👀 R U READY TO HELP? Sure looks like it if you stop and LOOK👀

My wife and I would be KILLED First because we live in a Poor Neighborhood. But if Americans take to the Streets killing all Democrats and all Republicans, I’d rather be KILLED early than live to see such Horror come to be. As I read the Stories about the Civil War and How bloody it was. Why would anyone want another Event so horrific? Events so horrific? Totally horrifyingly it was.

And if such a Time came about, it damn sure will never lay Blame on Just one Party. The GOP and the DEMOCRATS would be equally GUILTY! GUILTY AS SIN ITSELF! No, no one has the right to force their Views on anyone else. What you believe is what you believe. And no one has the right to Force their Views on Others. North Korea does by crippling Re-Education Camps! But we are NOT NORTH KOREA! America is sick of the shit spreaders crawling around in their dark corners causing family divisions. Work divisions. Division wherever they can create it. Come out from your little crawlee spaces.

And make No mistake, Trump will become the 2024 Candidate for the GOP. But I cannot Vote for him because of several Reasons. This is who do choose Not to Vote for ample him. It’s what people are saying.

  1. He was a Draft Dodger.
  2. He was Impeached Twice.
  3. He paid less than $1000 on his Taxes.
  4. He promoted an unbelievable Amount of Rhetoric that Our Election Process here in America is no better than a Banana Republic.
  5. His New Website is all out once again seeking only money. Https://
  6. Having over 50 lawyer’s on Staff? Or retainer?
  7. Believing Trump’s Rhetoric led up and encouraged the Capitol Insurrection. We read all he said and he was encouraging all of it. He was. But there were Bad Actors there too. Very Bad people were there. But! He is NOT completely responsible. But we cannot determine how much responsibility he owns on that day. But some for sure. And we damn sure don’t see any of the Insurrectionists as PATRIOTS! A Patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies. I Do Not see Our Legislators as Our Country’s ENEMIES. Do you? Do you really? Deep in your Heart, do you believe it so? Don’t go down that road.

It is now known that, during the Vietnam War Era, approximately 570,000 young men were classified as draft offenders, and approximately 210,000 were formally accused of draft violations; however, only 8,750 were convicted and only 3,250 were jailed. And in my Book and in other Veterans minds, too. Medical Deferments were also seen being done by the Rich and came out as Draft Dodgers. Overseas, we talked about them. And if you were not part of this Time Period, don’t say you know, you understand, and that I have no right to speak. Hitler liked people who did Not Speak and those who attacked the Ones who did Speak Up. ATTACKING EACH OTHER over Peekaboo Politics is ridiculously inappropriate and so childish. Very childish. Completely Childish. And again! The GOP and DEMOCRAT Super Supporters are Just as Guilty for causing Any Future Insurrectionists! Not taking the Time to talk with each other, hearing each other.and running behind closed Doors like a little baby talking Anti-Crap about EACH OTHER is Childish and I AVOID THEM that do that! But who is the Problem? Look in the Mirror and quit lying to yourself. If you did not witness something. Don’t go there and try to say you did. Right now. Over 20 million GOP members are now falsely claiming that they too were at the Capital on January 6. WTH?

But many are still sayng-I don’t ever believe He did all that. What is wrong with you? You demand seeing a Video with Proof Positive and yet, you see it and still repeat another believed fabricated Story that He said rather than believe your own Eyes?. We must hold accountable bad Actors for their bad Acting and praise the Peacemakers. Hold Politicians Accountable before that door is gone! And we do become a Puppet Republic.

And can we please end the endless Lawsuits over everything and then some more? I’ve never seen a man who has been Sued as much as he has. And Deutsche Bank was one of the last willing to Give him a loan.

Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank cut future ties with Trump, citing Capitol riots

The president has two personally guaranteed mortgages with Deutsche Bank. They come due in 2023 and 2024 totalling about $340 million dollars.

But that is his personal Business!

I believe Both Parties have members who want the best for America and Americans. I was hoping that there would be a New Beginning of Bi-Partisan politics where great accomplishments could take place with both Paries agreeing. But it’s not Happening. It’s Motorcycle Gang Mentality now in Congress!

I believe Politics will take a Back Seat when everyone comes back out of their “THE PURGE DENS” of self protecting Isolations. And Politics returning backwards to where it once was out of the Media Spotlight will be a Great Thing to see again. We got to get Politics and Politicians Out of the Media like they are Incredibly Special Beings. I look forward to those days where mud mumbling ends. And STDs quit falling out of People’s mouths like they got a bad case of Self appointed, self Righteous know it all on everything Politics. Remember:Misery Loves Company?

But honestly. The sooner everyone stops attacking or spewing Lies about The other side, The sooner Can We Please move On to address the Real Issues?

Voter Fraud and all about a Broken American Voting System is simply not truthful. Our Voting System did NOT miraculously Become Broken because Trump declared it was so. Suddenly Our Voter System became Broken in 2020 and Never before He Opened his mouth. He cannot stand to Lose and He was beaten by more Americans Voting for Biden. That is the Truth of it. No, not a Broken System at all. But to get Trump’s Support from him and his Base, Politicians have to Say and Agree with everything he says or HE WILL CRUSH THEM! DESTROY THEIR CAREER! No Dark Money for them. No, none at all!

And is it True? Trump is about to Start His Own Trump Bit Coin? I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t trust my Money to him. Would you?

Those wanting to go beyond the January 6 Insurrectionists Attack on Our Capital With even greater VIOLENCE are Insane! Wanting to Kill anyone in the other Party because of what? I cannot and do not see all of this ending on a good note because everyone is allowing their Party’s Saber Rattlers to Rule the Roost. Yes. They are! These are the ones who Stoke Violence among the Parties. And it has to END.

Killing or hurting anyone for a Political Party is crazy. Insane! I hope you won’t do it ever. And the Anti-Asian Attacks has to END.

Something is very Wrong when People cannot speak their mind and others Attack them when they do. No one is going to think exactly like you. But all of us have the right to share our Opinions. If you are offended by what you read or hear, Then Quit FOLLOWING those that Upset you. All of us must move on. And sure. I know you may be completely in LOVE with Trump. It’s okay for a man to love another man. But how deep does your love go? 6-inches? 19-inches?

What I write you might not agree with. You might not Like. And you have that right. It’s fine with me. I write to a World Audience. And right now. The World is not seeing a Great degree of harmony in America.

And 50 million are still believing Trump Won the ELECTION. But we are a Country of over 300 million. It’s okay to believe what you believe. Over 324 Million of us in America. So, less than 1 in 6 Americans believe Trump Won the ELECTION. Not the entire Country. Not as many as some Trump Supporters are saying. But by the Partisan Stand in Congress, They give a false impression that the greatest number of Americans do. But we got to get Politics and Politicians Out of the News. Out of the Media and may be end some of their Twitter Feeds spreading misinformation. Fueling the fire of Sedition. Flames of Sedition!

Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank cut future ties with Trump, citing Capitol riots

The president has two personally guaranteed mortgages with Deutsche Bank. They come due in 2023 and 2024.

But I am very saddened that if you do not accept Trump’s View on the Election that he will crush you and your Career. He has a Hit List and he is hitting those on his List by crushing them as if he were The Godfather. But I find it sadly similar to Watergate that he had the Phones of Reporters tapped. And done SECRETLY? ONLY NIXON DID THAT and so did Trump.

So. Leave the Hate locked away in your mind and Do Not go about Spewing STDs from your Mouth about the other Party. Let that stuff rest. Give it a Rest. 50 million is Not a Full America. Do not do Violence or Kill anyone! Nothing has been said or done that is enough to go out to Kill another person from the other Party. Quit lying and say you are a Patriot and doing Patriot Business always tearing down the Country most of us Love. Patriots are in the Armed Forces and on the Front Line. Not at home doing Beer-thirty.

Shut Up! Chopped Liver hanging around a person’s neck is placed there by their Own Actions! Don’t be that person. Show humankindness instead.

Be kind and Love and Pray! BLOCK TWEETS BY POLITICIANS that are causing all the Problems. When you get a Tweet Notice. Delete it! Don’t read it! Move On! Don’t let them keep doing what they are doing to 🇺🇸!

I Delete all TWEET NOTICES by all Politicians now! And I do not watch them on TV.