Arizona Recount Vote not adding up?

I am only talking the money Cost. Not the Politics which we all know.

A Recount of 2.1 million Votes from only one County in the State of ARIZONA.


  1. Trump says Election was STOLEN FROM HIM especially in Arizona.
  2. Trump says there was Election Fraud especially in Arizona.
  3. Trump says Votes in Arizona were done in China on Rice Paper Ballots.
  4. Trump says Counting Machines were made in Philippines and used in Arizona. Also, Venezuela interferes in Arizona Ballots.
  5. Trump says there was Voter Fraud especially in Arizona.
  6. Trump says Votes were cast by Dead People in Arizona.

Arizona Senate Approves Recount.

  1. Arizona Senate says Recount will prove all of the Above.

120 People to Count.

20 Days to Count.

10 hour work days.

6 Days a week.

Approved COST-$150,000

120 people x 60 hours a week x 20 days to count = 144,000 Hours.

$150,000 ÷ 144,000 = $1.04 per hour per person.

So. Each Worker will make One Dollar and 4 Cents per Hour.

BUT! Reports are now saying it could take until June or July to Complete Recount which was not the 20 days Approved by the Arizona Senate. Also, Articles of additional Dark Money is going to now be Paid as well? Where is this Dark Money, including Bit Coins, coming from?

Arizona’s audit is slated to cost $150,000 and to be done in 20 days. Auditors have been given 20 days to do the hand count and plan to use 120 people at a time. 

If there were all the things Trump said there were being done illegally in Arizona. Then if the Audit by zninja zwarriors proves it. People need to go to Jail. I did not think there was so much corruption eSpecially in Arizona. Arizona could prove to be the Most Corrupt of all States in Voting HISTORY. Very bad if it does.