China is the Biggest Feeder of Mercury to Fish in the World!

Can you find Mercury on the above Table? And where is fish on it? Or how about listing all species with the highest amount of Mineral in them? Okay, then Fish would fall in the Mercury Square. And yum, yum, yum. Mercury is so good for us. Right?


But how did Mercury find its way into fish? Did Man help? Or better yet, Is Man to blame?

Mercury enters the environment naturally and through industrial pollution, mostly from coal-fired power plants. … Mercury concentrations in the air are of little concern, but when mercury enters water, microorganisms transform it to a highly toxic form — methylmercury — that builds up in fish.

‘methylmercury’-Methylmercury is an extremely toxic organometallic cation with the formula [CH₃Hg]⁺. Its derivatives are the major source of organic mercury for humans. It is a bioaccumulative environmental toxicant. 


Some comes from natural sources such as volcanic eruptions. About two-thirds comes from human activities. The biggest single source is the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal, which releases 160 tons of mercury a year into the air in the United States alone.

From there, rainfall washes the mercury into the ocean.

China burns 6 times what America burns in Coal Burning. Man, China burns a butt load of Coal every day. Then India and then 🇺🇸. So, China is spraying 960 Tons of Mercury into the Air and India is at about 220 Tons of Mercury into the Air per year. China burns 50% of all Coal burned in the World per year. And is the biggest Mercury Feeder to Fish in the World.

And then comes how Yummy Mercury is for all of us to eat? No, it is not yummy. It is very bad for us.

Now, OPEN the next PDF and see how Mercury Eating Warnings for fish vary from one river to the next…

I put that last site up Twice because I believe it is something you will want to consider before feeding your child a can of Tuna every Day. Or poisoning yourself with Mercury?

But. Enough said. You get the Picture. And can we change it?