Unpredictable Chinese ROCKET crashing back to Earth may hit NEW YORK CITY!




Prediction Paths are going into alarming and quite scary possibilities. Totally unpredictable. And China has no intention on paying any Liabilities as it claims it is Not Liable for what falls to earth from Space.

But what if it Hits YOU? Your house? Your car? Your head? Don’t you want to get paid? Pay for your funeral?

A monstrous section of this Rocket is headed to Hit Earth. Over a whopping almost 50 Tons and traveling at almost 2000 MPH! AND BAM! IT HITS and could wipe out a ton of stuff and not to mention the Highly hazardous Rocket Fuel which is Highly CLASSIFIED and the most powerful ever?

But the Orbiting Route is this upcoming Chinese Sky Laboratory is Highly CLASSIFIED and may even contain a High Energy Plasma Ray Gun Capable of taking out Targets 3000 miles away? Talk about a Super Secret Thing being Built?

But the Chinese has assured that it’s Mission is of no worry to anyone.