Who let the Lions loose on the Sheep?


This is extremely discouraging to see People engaged in attempting and engaging in Attempts of Overthrowing Our Government on January 6 and are still at it! Apparently in Arizona a dastardly deed may indeed be breaking out and way out of place in another attempt to Overthrow Our Democracy. This Time in Arizona by Certain men I now find highly questionable. They have the means to do something just as unthinkable as January 6. Are Their reasons quite Treasonous? Are they intent on Starting a Civil War? Maybe Arizona needs to succeed and be their own Country. A safe haven for crazies?

And the next Article really bothers me. PEOPLE who are unbiased just like a Juror in Jury selection should be Recounting the Votes. But read it for yourself if you dare-



‘Stop the Steal’ organizer Ali Alexander says 3 GOP congressmen helped him plan the rally that preceded the storming of the Capitol

“We four schemed up of putting maximum pressure on Congress while they were voting,” Alexander said, according to The Post.



My Twitter Account has been BLOWING-BLOWING-UP with TWEETS from people I do not know and I’ve never seen before Claiming unbelievable NEWS is Coming out of Arizona very, VERY QUICKLY, Very, very soon as if I gave A hoot about Crap coming from a people I DON’T know.

But the COMMENTS I read and I always do read them because I learn some of the Best Info from them. And the above came from reading those Comments from PEOPLE making only Half-Statements. PEOPLE only saying Unbelievable News coming out of Arizona Very Soon. And nothing more. But the COMMENTS I researched really bothered me and I FACT CHECKED their Sources that they provided but away from Twitter. And what I found shocked me…