CHINA WARNING-China…surpassing the U.S. Nuclear Weapons stockpile by 2030!

Reports and people are now saying that CHINA is quadrupling its Nuclear Weapon Stockpile by 2030!

This is scary Wild Bat’Shit Global Land Grabbing and Raw Material Acquisition Mentality. And they are also building A War Machine that is going To Rival that of 🇺🇸 and Russia Combined. All of this by 2030!

Now, most don’t ever take a moment to Look at what China is doing. But you better damn well start paying Attention now. CHINA is planning Big Chinese Stuff and they are Not in the Game of Asking or getting Approval.

But because of Covid-19, China now believes the World is out to get them too and especially the 🇺🇸. Not True. But their own CHINESE SABER RATTLERS have been wooing the Public into outright War and Attack the 🇺🇸 Rhetoric. Getting their Population to believe 🇺🇸 is getting ready to Attack them. So, how do you turn Legend which is outlandish Rumors into FACT?


And the NUCLEAR Weapons Arsenal Buildup is now a High Stakes Attack upon reasonable thinking. Make no mistake. CHINA is now Building Up its War Machine for Real War. Real War and with going with an All Out Propaganda Campaign in Anti-American Rhetoric. The Chinese Public will be fully capable of an All Out War with the 🇺🇸 by 2030. All because someone pushed the China Virus a little bit too far. Too far? Far enough to open Old Wounds.

CHINA will be moving into Afghanistan within Six Months of 🇺🇸 leaving. And when the Chinese begins to move Short-Range Nuclear Missiles closer to the 🇺🇸, that will be the Signal that China is Ready to do Battle. And they’ll all be joking about eating Hotdogs in Trump Tower. And eating Steaks in Texas. And taking over Disneyland Resorts.

You must remember. The LOSER COUNTRY will be giving up Concessions. And Millions will be placed in RE-EDUCATION Camps. For Generations. And America will be returned to a WWI state of modest ownership with six to ten living in small rooms. With their Chinese Occupiers.

And China is claiming America is meddling into all things CHINESE. BULLCORN! POPPYCOCK!

Don’t automatiCALLY say who will Win. In a Nuclear War. I see No Winners. I see Disease Sprouting like never before and RADIATION FALLOUT like never imagined. I see No Winners. And the Biological Weapons will be Unleashed as well. And there are some incredible Monsters waiting behind Steel Doors.

But only the Real War Lovers love talk about War. They have no idea the Horribleness of War. How hideous it really is and then the huge Gargantuan amount of body incinerating that will take place.

But if we DON’T talk it out now, We will fight it out later. That’s why I wrote this most FOUL and horrible Blog about Who is War Preparing to Kill You.

And Dogs Don’t Care? But who’s Dogs are we discussing?

And Nukes are not something you need a lot of to cause crushing, crippling harm to Cities and to People. Just a hundred will do quite nicely if you LAUNCH FIRST! IF MASSIVE DEATH is your Answer to misguided and misleading Bullshit coming out of the mouths of Pompous Asses on both Sides which will lead up all the way to 2030. Then War is Imminent!

No Country’s Government will survive by Allowing its Military to go Unchecked. They come and go. Yes. They do and History is full of Man’s Most Foolish Wars.

I can only Write in Hopes that some people will think out what the World needs AND ACT ON GOOD INTENTIONS and Nuclear War is the farthest thing Mankind needs. Isn’t it? Of course, it is…but we’ll see what 2030 brings, won’t we?

Did man not learn from Nuking Japan Twice? Man doesn’t need any more of that ever again.