RAPID EXCHANGE-is a FUN watch about Super Thieves stealing a Ton of Money!

This is one Silver Screen GEM I missed and you may have too. But is it worth Watching? Do you have eyes to see? ABSOLUTELY! A good and very exciting Movie about some High Stakes Super Thieves and they don’t disappoint. And if YouTube hadn’t automatically loaded to this wonderful section a movie. I’d missed it for no telling show long. May be another 18 years. But I wrote about good Tub of Popcorn Movies to WATCH…AND THIS IS ONE!

Master criminal Newcastle (Lance Henriksen) and his team concoct an elaborate plan to steal a valuable Scottish antique, but are thwarted by the SWAT team. Later, Newcastle learns that Syrian forces are counterfeiting vast amounts of money that they transport by airplane. Newcastle and his partner, Ketchum (Lorenzo Lamas), decide to steal $250 million from one of the planes — while it’s in flight. Their meticulous plan starts to fall apart when they stop trusting each another.