Four Nukes and You are Beaten!!!

MOST of us do not like to think of the unthinkable-Nuclear Conflict. But I do return to this Subject out of childhood hauntings hiding under tables and school Desks waiting for the USSR’s Nukes to begin reigning down upon our little heads.

Mother of All. They drilled that Fate of a Nuclear War into out little minds just like they stoked up our Fears of Deadly MARIJUANA Smoking Zombies that would kill us while we were in Our sleep. Childhood nightmares created by Chest Beating Self-Righteous Do-Gooders. And they are still Preaching that stuff Today.

But most of us have never checked out How Extremely Devastating these Truly Weapons of Mass Destruction are. Just Four exploded 100 Miles above the surface of most Countries will revert them back to the Stone Age? Well, not quite that far. But Horse and Buggy and Wagon for sure. These Four will take out every Computer. Every Car or Truck or Airplane. And the Electric Grid will be KAPUT! Water too. Unless you got a windmill.

And then the Ships and Military Planes will be Hit too electrically. Killing their Electronics. When those Babies explode in the Air Above Us, the Satellites will be KILLED too. And there goes all the WiFi and Cell Phone Connections. Too.

And why toss this into the Ring? Because Putin will be more than willing to USE them. But a whole lot more than us. Putin, years Ago, actually threatened to USE them if Syria’s Assad was touched. And No one did. And when he was ASKED if he would have done that, he said-Absolutely!

Now, it comes down to the Soviet Army using so-called Retired Army Members that is amassing on the Ukraine Border. You DO NOT BUILD-UP an Army if you are NOT going to USE IT. Of course they are real Soviet Army Members in it too. Everyone knows this. But the Biggest question is How fast America can move its Afghanistan Troops to within a Striking Distance to Ukraine such as Germany. Yes. They will leave one Area of Conflict to enter another.

I really never thought we’d ever be seeing a Conflict with Russia in Ukraine. Both Countries attacked Terrorists Locations without any Big Deals in the Middle East. But how Bad does Putin want 1/2 of Ukraine? I believe that is his Goal.

And how quickly everyone wants the Conflict to escalate will determine How far this whole thing will go. Conflict or War? Over Greed. Just simple Greed. And the Submarines are serious Dark Horses in all of this. And sure. A whole lot of our Military equipment checked against a Nuclear Attack. But Communications will be at a standstill. Messages using Laser Technologies may be needed. Even sending Messages to Satellites already sent to Far away regions of Space to communicate at first. Bouncing the Military Messages.

Gonna Happen? I believe Putin will give the approval and Claim his ignorance and inability to Control Past Soldiers no longer under His Orders. But he will back them to the hilt of his sword.

So, we’ll see a Major Problem hit the World or just “Hit and Run” Attacks this year? And I do hope I am completely WRONG. But it’s coming…sooner than later.

But after the Tundra Freezes, Putin will unleash a Deadly Hell. And they will attempt a Blitzkrieg…which might work in the beginning. Or could get slowed. But Death and Tears and Evacuations will be rampant. A sad time for the World.

But next year, will Putin want the other Half? He will Invade and make some Crazy WW-II Excuse as his justification. When the Tundra Freezes, Putin will Invade Ukraine. Then the Russians will be Coming. The Map shows what He wants. This is what I’m thinking. Or ALL OF UKRAINE!

The Pandemic has changed the faces of many Leaders who are NOW more Vocal calling up on their Citizens to remember their Enemies. As enemies and not as friends in friendship.