Have the words “Systemic Racism” now been Overused?

Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a form of racism that is embedded through laws within society or an organization. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues.

systemic racism” two words used entirely too often by individuals who don’t have a Clue what they mean. Used So often that you cannot watch TV now without hearing these two words used over and over and over again. “systemic racism” And the reason I say that most use these words as “Catch Ya” or “Gotcha” words is that they don’t have a Clue that Few know their History or care to read it. No, too many would rather let others make up their Opinion for them. How? By racing to GOOGLE and TYPING in the words and looking for what a certain Person said it was. No, not what all of it is at all. But the above Definition clearly says-discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education.

But most can’t State a single example of just one Jim Crow Law. And these Laws are the ones that still amaze me and it forced me to ASK why? Were the Blacks in America so Hated or Despised by White People that they created zoom Crow Laws? But exactly Who did this? The Puppets of Rich People did. And who are they? The Politicians are The Arms and Legs and Mouths of the hidden RICH. And the People to some degree. They only fix things when the RICH allow it. And now, 650 Americans own 99% of the United States. Just 650? Ouch, let that sink in. And the Laws are bent to favor these hidden RICH. And in many ways, the RICH are the Biggest reason for all of the Jim Crow Laws. Yes, they are and they use the Politicians to stoke the flames of the Crowds. Yes, they know how to use Politicians. And USE THEM, they do! They’re turning many a Politician into ass clowns today. Yes, they are. Most of the Respect and Luster of being an American Politician is gone. I have No Respect for any of them now. They have proven their true colors.

But enough said. It’s the way it’s been for a very longtime. But now, I want to talk about the Super Racist in every Race of People. I’m going to use one extreme example-

A man, Hispanic. HATED BLACKS AND WHITES so intensely that at Baseball games. He parked and sat past the Outside fence drinking his beer, but sitting alone with His own hatreds. And his daughter confirmed me this to me when she pointed him out to me. And I laughed and said she had to be joking, but she said he’d kill me if he got the chance. Such Extreme Hatred. And every Race has them.

And I saw the men carrying these Extreme Racial Hatreds in Texas Prisons. They rode with their Racists gangs too. Extreme men with extreme views in their extreme Gangs.

And these are the ones who commit the Atrocities of Crimes against another Race and cause huge setbacks in Race Relations at a time when People want to be progressive and make things better. I’m talkin really fixing the Race Issues. But fixing this is like slaying a Multi-Headed Hydra Monster with a stick. But when enough people come to the table, it can be slain. Bcolors.But have we gotten that far yet?

But for me and what I am being told that many are saying is that Using “Systemic Racism” as your new Go To words for everything is turning a sour note in the White Community. It’s like Blaming All Whites for all Problems Black. That is how many White People are now viewing these two words. That’s what People are saying. That’s like saying accountability doesn’t exist for anyone anymore. But it does…

Now, I am understanding. I get it. But like all ‘Go To’ Words, they are here Today and gone Tomorrow. Newer Words will replace these. It used to be these two words constantly being used-WHITE PRIVILEGE! Remember them from just a few months ago. But it’s now becoming Beat the White Community by many when Law Abiding Respect has been tossed out the window by some fools. You cannot have all of your Changes at one time. People are trying to adjust, but some adjustments like paying every Black Person a Million Dollar Payment because of ancestral Slavery is a hard spill to swallow and unrealistic. I don’t ever see that one happening. But there are those who cannot get past Gettin Paid. Wanting that money before they can move on? So, what is the one thing that you must see take place before you can move on? Move beyond hate. Move to the new day. The new way?

But saying ONLY White Folks got the Problems that created the Problems for all Black People is not fair to say. Rich People did this because they didn’t want their Money or Property touched by Black People. And their family members too.

They feared and still FEAR BLACK PEOPLE. But they fear losing their Monies most. Losing their fortunes. But I think they mostly got themselves a Bad Case of Guilty Conscience. Generations of such going all the way back to Raping The Slaves that their Families owned. And Today’s DNA TESTING thru Ancestral Analysis is telling it. Yes. Cousins of White People and it goes both ways. Lol…I did it and I have kinfolk who are Black and we share some of the same DNA. But until I did the DNA, I did not know.

More Americans need to see their WHOLE FAMILY TREE and not the only one that they were taught throughout their Lives. Seeing their DNA FAMILY TREE will open their eyes and minds possibly. No, not as much as it should until you converse with other members sharing a similar DNA. The more the DNA is the same, the closer the relative. And my oh my. Mr. Racist is really gonna Scream when he sees an Opposite Skin Color in their DNA FAMILY TREE. But its fun. It’s the truth. DNA doesn’t Lie.

But DON’T let it scare you. Unless you are scared of giving up your DNA due to some kind of Criminal Activity. And your DNA would BUST you.

And gosh, there are so many things to think about when you look at this Race Issue Today. And if hearing Systemic Racism is wearing thin with you, don’t worry, new words are coming. But in REAL life, everyone can STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN to each other. Most people just want to be Heard. And we need to hear each other. All of us have Stories to tell. And all of us should be able to speak them. We do need to hear all of them.

I have a ton of Stories to tell. You cannot work and Retire from the Texas Prisons without seeing and hearing a ton of stuff. Some actually interesting. Having a person tell you that they are a College Professor or some other big time jobber and their Drug or alcohol Use took them out of Society and into Prison. And they always would say that they had their job waiting on them when they got out. Did they? I don’t know. We were told not to have any away from work relationships with any ex-Offender. So, I don’t. I didn’t. But it’s hard to know a person inside the Prison and how they were or will be after Prison.

But that’s not anything to worry about unless it’s you. And how do Drugs or Alcohol affect you? Yes. They do affect all of us. They are drugs that everyone knows what they do. It’s too bad Illegal Drugs and Alcohol AREN’T all treated as Prescription Drugs. That way a Doctor could keep a person safe from Addiction possibly.

But can you Quit your Negative Behavior? Has Systemic Racism caused you to feel all alone? Has White Privilege made you feel sad? Has the Pandemic upset you? Has a friend or family member died from Covid? Do you feel likely that you could use a person to pray with?

Yes. You can Call and Pray with someone now!