If you are a Member of a Militia Today, there’s a 99% Chance Your Name is on The List!

Thanks to January 6, 2021, there has been an all out effort to IDENTIFY EVERY MEMBER OF EVERY MILITIA GROUP IN AMERICA and full CHECKS are now on Who you are…and if We need to Worry about you.

Proud Boys. Oath Keepers. Your name is one of the the names and if you are doing Para-Military Drills, your name just made The LIST. And it doesn’t matter how many times the Groups said your Name and Identity wss TOP SECRET-BULLSHIT-Not no more.

Yes. All of a sudden. These Para Military Groups have now got TOP BILLING on Identifying every single one of you. And to MONITOR all you do for the rest of your lives. Yes, forever! And is your Name now on the NO FLY LIST? Yes. That’s a test to see if you can still fly or your Wings done been clipped.

But did you make all three? The FBI. CIA. HOMELAND SECURITY? Oh yeah, a ton of New Money just to find and follow everyone of you has now been placed into a Top Priority Watch.

And is this unnecessary? Excessive? No, not at all. January 6 almost KILLED Our Legislative Branch. Yes. They said-

Lock them in and GAS THEM ALL!

And if reading this upsets you, then are you a member of a Paramilitary Group or a person who condones such activity? Even killing Legislators? Are you that Crazy too?

But most importantly. Are you a Member of a Paramilitary Group,? Your father? Grandfather? Grandson? Daughter? Granddaughter? Grandmother? Husband? Wife? Son? Cousin? Nephew,? 2nd or 4rd Cousin?

But what made you join? Did you buy into all the Misinformation that scared you? Are you a scare-dee Cat? Or are you a Killer? A Radical? A Radicalized Killer? Is your mind gone?

Yes. What radicalized you? What was it? Tons of daily misinformation? Was that it? Or were you baited or Recruited?. Which was it?

And how can you put yourself on the same level with a Killer? A person seeking to Kill Innocent PEOPLE. Are you now radicalized so far that you can accept innocent people being killed?

Just saying it. Just letting it skip out of your mouth makes you look so gosh darn STUPID! Makes you sound do stupid. Don’t do it. Don’t let yourself go down that road. Most Paramilitary Groups won’t let members ever leave.


Stand Up to these Radicalized People! Don’t let them talk crazy wild radicalized Statements because they are that stupid. Not around you! Tell them to unpack their approval of Radicalized People on down the road and not around you or your children if you have any.

Stupid always follows stupid.


If you know one of these Radicalized Individuals. You owe it to yourself to Turn them in! Call it in! Put their Name on The List. We MUST CALL THEM IN!

TURN THEM IN NOW or remain silent and what will you do when they Start a Civil War? And your Food Supply is gone. Your Electricity is OFF. Your Water is OFF! And they knock on your Door in funny Military looking clothes. With shaved heads or Mohawks and Tattoos! Lots of TATTOOS!